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  1. lovensoccer3

    Grand Canyon vs. ASU - nursing school?

    I am currently in the program at GCU and really like it.. It is good program
  2. lovensoccer3

    Travel Nursing in Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care

    the pcticu at st joseph's hospital and medical center is amazing!! they truely have a great place to work. i was their as a student and worked with a traveler who absolutely loves it there. she has been their for 3 contracts..:spin:
  3. lovensoccer3

    Nurses dress code

    I do work and live in the valley. Feel free to email me.
  4. lovensoccer3

    Nurses dress code

    I work for banner, it depends on what hopsital you are looking at. Right now the only two banners with a dress code is Estrella and Gateway. There the RN's can wear navy blue or white scrubs that are embroidered with the hospital logo on it. If you have any more questions just ask.
  5. lovensoccer3

    Grand Canyon University

    I am not sure how it is online, because i took it in the classroom setting as it was part of my level one classes. It is a writing intensive couse. I was able to keep up with that class along with my two other classes along with working full time. I am in the fast tract program.. So it is all about time management. I will have to ask my best friend how it was online
  6. lovensoccer3

    Nursing Group

    I am a nursing student that lives in the west valley in Litchfield Park. My class meets at St Joes so I can do downtown sometime!! Jamie
  7. lovensoccer3

    18 more days until nursing school starts!!!!

    Enjoy your time off now because believe me you will miss it!! I finish my second semester in 2 weeks and am so looking forward to my 2 week break before level 3!! Best of luck to you!
  8. lovensoccer3

    Grand Canyon University

    Hey I am currently in the nursing program at GCU. I believe that GCU is the only college to offer therapeutic communication. I was the last cohort to have it during the acctual program. My best friend starts in Sep and took therapeutic communication online through GCU. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions feel free to ask..
  9. lovensoccer3

    St Joe's pediatrics

    Do you know if they have externs in the PICU or the NICU? I am finishing my 2nd semester and really want to do an extern there in hopes to work there as a new grad. I have 8 years experience as a CNA and 4 of those years in the CICU/MICU, and I know there is no where else but the ICU that I want to work. Plus my passion is getting to work with kids..
  10. lovensoccer3

    Grand Canyon University

    So you will still need to take one more class when you apply or during the program? If you are in traditional I believe you can still have classes that you need to take, however if applying for fast tract you have to have all classes completed by the start date of the nursing program.
  11. lovensoccer3

    Good places in Phoenix metro to work as a CNA

    I work at Banner Estrella and love it
  12. lovensoccer3

    Grand Canyon University

    I am really like the program.. I am in the fast tract and its pretty awesome. I am halfway through the 2nd semester and so far so good!! ) If u have any ?'s just ask
  13. lovensoccer3

    Grand Canyon University

    hey guys have any of you attended here? or is anyone going to be starting their fast track in jan?? i am and was wanting to hopefully get to talk to you!!
  14. lovensoccer3

    Phoenix Baptist or Banner estrella?

    banner estrella!! i would never work at baptist!! i work at bemc and it is a wonderful place to work! i think that you will love it!:)
  15. lovensoccer3

    Banner Estrella or West Valley Medical Center??

    i work in the icu but i believe on tele it is 1 rn for every 4 patients, with one aide for every 12 patients. med/surg has one rn,one lpn, and one cna for every 8 patients.