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about to graduate w/BSN, moving on to MSN

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  1. dilleweed

    Excited to start working at le Bonheur!

    LOL - no worries. I don't feel hijacked. :sasq: I haven't seen anyone use the Sasquatch smilie so I figured I'd use it. I thought they would be quicker about hiring RNs, but maybe it's as slow as it was with me. I talked to the boss in either late November or early December about the job, and I didn't start until Feb 16. It took a long while. Good luck getting here! Be patient with the system. :lol_hitti
  2. dilleweed

    Best path to NP...MSN or DNP?

    I have many reasons for choosing the NP route over the MD route. I don't think that it's valid to compare the 2 educations on a basis of one of many facets. Even if it were just a matter of time, the NP is still preferable b/c I can be an NP in 3.5 years compared to 7 years for an MD.
  3. dilleweed

    Best path to NP...MSN or DNP?

    It is 1200 hours for a DNP, not an MSN. Most MSN programs that I have seen range from 500-650 hours. I like the idea of more clinical hours - I have seen a lot of threads on here from new NP program grads who feel like they're being thrown to the wolves! I know it's free labor... but there are lots of sacrifices to be made in the name of education.
  4. dilleweed

    Best path to NP...MSN or DNP?

    Good point. It does sound like a very intense program... I was hoping to work while I went to school so that I wouldn't have to borrow as much loan $$. That probably means I'll have to cut back to part-time, or bite the bullet and borrow enough to just go to school. Thanks!
  5. dilleweed

    PNP vs.NNP...

    I would think that since most schools don't require any RN experience to enter a PNP program, you should do whatever you are most interested in and still feel comfortable with. If you want something besides NICU, what about taking some PRN work in the ED or PICU while you wait to be accepted to a PNP program?
  6. dilleweed

    Best path to NP...MSN or DNP?

    Thanks! Today I found a program that is really intriguing. It's a DNP at Arizona State, hybrid online/on-campus where you just have to visit a couple times a semster. And it's only 7 semesters long, or 2.5 years! They seem to really emphasize clinical hours - by the end, you have almost 1200. I'm definitely interested in them, because it's not that much longer than an MSN. Maybe you should check it out!
  7. dilleweed

    Best path to NP...MSN or DNP?

    I can reply with my own feelings on the subject, being in a similar boat as you. I'm about to start my BSN and will start my NP program in 2010. I am leaning strongly toward getting the MSN, and here's why: 1. I'm out of school quicker and working as an NP. 2. There are still not many schools offering the DNP (although it's growing), so I have more programs to choose from. 3. Once I'm working as an NP, I can choose to go back to school later on to get the DNP at a slower pace, rather than killing myself to get through it quickly so that I can start working. (I'm not a patient person ) There you have it... my own personal reasons for wanting to an MSN rather than DNP. I think it comes down to your professional goals and your personal situation!
  8. dilleweed

    best RN exp. for a PNP career

    Good luck getting into Vanderbilt! I really like what I've read about their program. If we decide to stay in Memphis, I'd like to do their distance program for my PNP. I guess since it's distance, I could technically do it from anywhere... but it's cheaper to drive 3 hours to Nashville than have to fly from somewhere else in the country. :)
  9. dilleweed

    best RN exp. for a PNP career

    Thanks for your input too, Briem! I will be in the 2nd degree BSN program at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. I'm really excited to finish A&P and Micro this semester and get started in nursing classes.
  10. dilleweed

    best RN exp. for a PNP career

    Thanks! ER is what I was thinking too, for seeing the widest variety of stuff. It's good to have your input.
  11. dilleweed

    best RN exp. for a PNP career

    I am starting my 3 semester BSN program in July, and will move straight into an MSN or DNP program in the fall of 2010 to become a PNP. I plan to work as an RN starting January 2010 and continue to work while I pursue the advanced degree. My end goal is to be in a pediatric practice as a primary care PNP. What would be the best RN hospital experience - I know there aren't any requirements, but for those of you in the know, what will benefit me and my future patients the most? Working in the ER? PICU? I currently work as an aide in a NICU stepdown unit and I worry about how specialized these nurses are. I want to get the most experience I can and not have my expertise confined to a very small population. Thanks! Liz:D
  12. dilleweed

    Vandy NP programs

    TiBette - were you happy with the program? Did you do it in one intensive year, or distance learning over a couple years? I'm really interested in their PNP program, but I wouldn't be starting till the fall of 2010. I"d love to hear anything you want to share about your experience there, and what kind of job you have now!
  13. I got my letter last week! I'll start at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in July!! Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to borrow the tuition and day care money...
  14. dilleweed

    Bye Bye Discovery Health

    Oh, I'm bummed now. Thanks for sharing the news. I think I'll go cry. I love the shows about 16 kids - it's a fantastic form of birth control for me!
  15. I totally agree.... the receptionists at both my kids' pediatrician's office and my OB-GYN office are ALWAYS surly and rude. I can't fathom why. If you hate people so much, why work as a receptionist? When I worked in a vet clinic as a tech/receptionist, I loved talking with and dealing with people at the front desk. I don't think I realized as a young college student the impact that kind of customer service has, I just did it because I enjoyed it. Now I know that it's part of the overall experience of the visit and it is very important.
  16. dilleweed

    Adult CCRN wanting to go to PICU at Lebonheur

    I'm pretty sure that it was patient increase they quoted as the reason for waiting to hire CNA's. The CVICU is NOT yet open, but it's going to be really nice!! I meant to ask someone about ratios in the PICU yesterday, but I forgot - sorry! You should call a recruiter and get that info from them. :) Good luck - maybe we'll be working together later!