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  1. mismatchedgrl

    Low Census??

    Im in Maine and statewide there is low census, many hospitals have had layoffs here, mine is still trying not to by not filling empty positions, decreasing shift differentials and two months without accruing choice time, changing the staffing grid, floating even more, etc. Defnitely scary. My vacation time is being used up for on call or called off. I don't understand where all the sick people went? Not seeking care due to economy? Pt teaching improved and they are actually taking care of themselves?
  2. mismatchedgrl

    New grad pay rates

    CMMC hired/is hiring new grads they were posted on the website for some time...
  3. mismatchedgrl

    What medical term do you dislike the most ?

    even better, thank goodness my angina is under control
  4. mismatchedgrl

    5 "p"s in assesment prior and post surgery

    I'm doing this case study and it asks what are the five ps that should guide the assesment of M.Cs right leg before and after surgery any help?