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  1. Hooked on ER

    excelsior lpn to rn

    Hi! Great choice in Excelsior! I am 45 and just graduated 1 year ago. The fees are paid as you go. There are no hidden fees. It is a little bit more expensive than a brick and morter school, but you know exactly how much it will be right up front. There may be some extra fees as you go along but they are all optional. Such as, practice tests from Excelsior, CPNE workshop (I very much recommend this), and study guides from E-bay. Good luck!! Danna
  2. Would someone do a big favor for me? I need a copy of the "summary of changes" from the 16th edi. Just highlight the page(s) and attach it to an e-mail. I would appreciate it greatly! Thank you so much in advance!! beech2@ubtanet.com
  3. Hooked on ER

    IV push question

    I never pinch, the pressure coming from above pushing the fluid into the vein will be greater than the pressure you are using. I do flush between incompatible meds just because of the risk that some will stay in the port.
  4. We had a pt. call the ambulance because his water heater was broken.
  5. Hooked on ER

    Calling for CPNE date

    I thought it was fast too. I was pretty shocked, actually. I am going to Tina's workshop in San Jose in July. Good luck to you too!
  6. Hooked on ER

    Calling for CPNE date

    I applied to MPAC the second week of April, got a reply the third week of May, testing August 7-9 in Madison, WI
  7. Hooked on ER

    CPNE Excelsior Wound Needed

    Thanks so much to everyone! Especially fmoore723. That info is great.
  8. Hooked on ER

    CPNE Excelsior Wound Needed

    Okay, I bought the stuff to make a wound. I read that it is about 1.25 inches deep. Is this right? What are the outside demensions? Thanks everyone!!
  9. Hooked on ER

    CPNE Excelsior Wound Needed

    I'm looking for a wound used in the lab simulation. Any idea where to get one?
  10. Hooked on ER

    Excelsior Practice Exams

    I too was very nervous about this exam just because of everything I had read. I studied Lisa Arends notes for 2 weeks, took the practice exams and got an A on the real thing. I did not think it was any different or more difficult than the rest of the exams.
  11. Hooked on ER

    Larends or Study group 101?

    I loved them both. Those two study guides are all I used, no books. Personally, I like Lisa Arends the best. These and the EC practice tests are worth every penny.
  12. Hooked on ER


    I did mine last month. I didn't use anything. If you know the basics about NANDA diagnosis you should be fine. It really wasn't difficult.
  13. Hooked on ER

    To enroll now or later in Excelsior???

    Hey! Here's my suggestion. Take the first course and all your gen ed before you enroll. Take as many CLEP and DSST as you can for your gen ed. They are a lot easier and a lot cheaper. The part about buying books is up to you. Personally, I bought all the books recommended for the first nursing course through Amazon.com used. The books arrived and I took one look at the 3 foot stack and was so overwhelmed that I put them all away and have never taken them out again. I bought Lisa Arends notes and My Study Group 101 notes off of e-bay. That is all I have used for all the nursing courses. I finished all of them in 4 months. I got a B on two tests (totally my own fault, I just didn't study) and an A on the rest. Definately take the practice tests. They are worth every penny. They are just like the real exams. Good Luck!!!
  14. Hooked on ER

    Chronicity Info

    Send me an e-mail and I'll give you a little head start!! :typing
  15. Hooked on ER


    I don't how well this will answer your question but...I can't figure out how the grading works. I did notice however, when I got 75%-80% on the practice tests I got an A on the real one. When I got 70%-75%, I got a B.
  16. Hooked on ER

    StudyGroup101 Materials

    I bought all of the books EC recommended for my first test. When I received all of them I took one look at the 3 foot pile and panicked. I then went to E-Bay and ordered Study Group 101 and Lisa Arends notes. I never looked at a single book and passed all of my tests, two with a B (totally my own fault for not putting much effort into studying) and the rest with an A. I would definately recommend the EC practice tests. They are worth every penny. I personally like Lisa Arends notes the best. They just seem to be more comprehensive and better organized. That's my own opinion though, they are both good.