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  1. Mydream72

    LPN/LVN rate of pay in your area.

    I was hired at small LTC facility and it was $22p/h after orientation plus differentials for evening and weekend shifts, and charge nurse position. I have friends who were hired at facilities that start you at $26p/h plus the differentials. Doctors offices tend to pay around $18p/h.
  2. What hospital are you going to be working in? If you dont mind telling.
  3. Mydream72

    Cheap Book

    Try collegeswapshop.com they give you compared prices from different sites and you can have them email you when a book becomes available at the price you want. Also try Barnesandnoble.com and go to used textbook section.
  4. Also where are the highest paid salaries on Long Island? Hospitals? Doctors Office? Nursing Home? Etc.? Thanks
  5. Mydream72

    new lpn salary

    I live on Long Island in NY and Im still in school for my LPN but I was hoping someone could shed some light on what I can expect salary wise and employment wise when I graduate. I am receiving alot of mixed opinions here.