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  1. So I've been a nurse in med surg and pre op for 5 years now and would like to get into informatics. I'm in the Bay Area but have no direction where to apply. I have been reading the forums and see you don't have to necessarily have IT experience to get into it. Any direction where to apply would be most helpful. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. pogiboy67

    Kaiser walnut creek job fair ?

    anyone have anymore info on this job fair. Im hearing by word of mouth but cant seem to find any info. thanks
  3. So i work as an oncology nurse in the bay area of CA and plan on going to icu soon. ive read that schools for with crna programs take 3.0 above gpas... are my hopes done for trying to become a crna?
  4. yeah i found a lot of hospitals in the eastbay didnt have a lot of positions. i DOnt really know a lot about the san jose area.. best idea would be to call every hospital in the area you are looking for and speak directly to the nurse recruiters...good luck
  5. SO i juss found out i was hired.... got into kaiser oakland. 200 applicants....60 interviewees...14 spots.. good luck to u all.. juss keep TRYING!
  6. getting an interview is a little hard as well. you have to be persistant here in the bay now. A lot of hospitals i am finding out ONLY have VERY few positions available for new grad programs. And most major hospitals like KAISER will only take new grads in to NEW grad programs... you cant start off as lvl 1 staff. For instance. i applied at JOHN muir WC. DID my preceptorship there. got the interview. Still didnt get picked. They only had 4-5 openings for the new grad program out of 30 interviewies they screened. ironic how a lot of the bay hospitals are fully staffed now. I havent really tried a placement agency. you should be going to the source and talking to nurse managers and recruiters of each hospital. Keeping my fingers crossed for kaiser though
  7. dang your friend is lucky.. im actually waiting on kaiser as well. should find out in a few days now
  8. I recently just passed my boards and am finding it is VERY hard to land a job as a new grad at a hospital. I know you dont necessarily have to enter a new grad program but a lot of hospitals i have tried applying at say you must be in a new grad. Are you all getting the same treatment? Kind of ironic.
  9. pogiboy67

    First week of Oct test takers in HERE!

    finally got back my results.. passed at 265, ended on a priority. so it took 3 days to findout for me.. GL TO U ALL!!!
  10. pogiboy67

    First week of Oct test takers in HERE!

    i took my boards oct 1st.... ENDED AT 265..... and i have no idea if i got the last one wrong or right.. both of my last questions were priority. That should be a good sign right>?? this is actually my 3rd time taking it and i still came out not feeling confident at all.... my prayers go to u all! gardenmun-10/1 pogiboy67- 10/1 California Leahr- 10/3 itmja-10/4 Me-10/4 melinanpt-10/10 rb_USRN-10/12 katnip08-10/12