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  1. coffeeaddict78

    Applying for Arizona license

    Hi I have SC RN license but I'm relocating to Arizona last wk of April because I was offered a job in one of the Banner facilities.I wanted to apply early for Arizona license but I do know that you can't hold two compact license at the same time.Is there a way for me to apply now for an Arizona license even if i'm still here in SC or do I just have to wait until we move there in April? My fear is I will not have enough time because from what I read just the fingerprint checking takes about 2-3 wks plus the fact that they have lots of requirements for foreign graduate nurses like me! Pls guys, need your help any info will be appreciated! :wavey:
  2. coffeeaddict78

    Banner Desert Medical Center

    Waterstone Apts is located in S Dobson Rd. Mesa,Az.I believe it's just near Banner Desert.Any apartment complex that you guys can recommend?Thanks again!
  3. coffeeaddict78

    Banner Desert Medical Center

    Thanks guys for taking the time to give your feedback.I'm not sure if I will be able to visit the place prior to relocation but i'm hoping that i will be able to do that.What about Waterstone Apts in Mesa? How's the nurse -pt ratio in adult ICU? I'm both anxious and excited to move.I just hope that I made the right decision! :dance::dance:
  4. coffeeaddict78

    Banner Desert Medical Center

    Hi I'm an RN relocating to Arizona this coming May 2008.I accepted a job offer from Banner Desert Medical Center to work in adult ICU.I'd like to know if their ICU is really busy and what can you say about the staff?Is it ok to use any kind of scrubs to work? Pls help me guys ....all feedback will be greatly appreciated! Can you also suggest a good apartment complex.Thanks! :innerconf
  5. Please I need some feedback regarding Baptist Hospital /Health in San Antonio Texas....Is the med-surgical ICU busy?what about nurse-pt. ratio? I've heard about the notorious " Group One"....is it also prevalent in San Antonio?:innerconf
  6. coffeeaddict78

    Board Exams and Top 20's

    How come I also made it to the Top 12 when I took the NLE in 2000 but I did not get a certificate from PRC stating that I made it to the Top 12?:icon_roll
  7. coffeeaddict78

    PGH feedback

  8. coffeeaddict78

    Texas Health Resources online application

    Hi I'm also interested in applying at a THR facility but like you I found the online application frustrating.Can you pls give me some advice on what I need to do?Thanks!
  9. coffeeaddict78

    Arlington Memorial Hospital

    Any thoughts on Arlington Memorial Hospital?
  10. coffeeaddict78

    Filipino Nurses in Nevada

    Hi stillwater.Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it! Actually I tried applying online at Mountainview but I had a hard time logging in to their website....I have to check UMC and St.Rose's website.As of now I don't have a Nevada license yet but I can apply for an endorsement as soon as possible.I'll PM you if I have other questions.Thanks a lot!
  11. coffeeaddict78

    PGH feedback

    I can really relate to what you are saying....I believe that our experience there made us resilient and gave us the confidence that we can make it on the "real world." I also miss NSSCU.It's just sad that we dont have the technology and the resources in our hospital to provide the best possible care to our patients but we have very good doctors and nurses.I worked with Ate Tina Duenas,Lani Hernandez and Francia Pimentel...I'm not sure if you can still remember them!
  12. coffeeaddict78

    PGH feedback

    Hi PinoyNP! I also worked at Neurosurgical Special Care unit in PGH from 2001-2005.
  13. coffeeaddict78

    Best Nursing School

    For me,I'm proud to say that I'm a graduate of PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila).I know that it's not as popular as UP or UST but the quality of education is high.And the quality of it's graduates will speak for itself.Most of my classmates and my schoolmates are now here in the States or in UK.Before I also wanted to study in UST but sadly my parents cannot afford the high tuition fee but I got lucky when I was taken in at PLM.With UP however I know that the tuition fee is socialized and the priority should be poor but bright and deserving students but it's ironic now that most of the students there are rich and some are not even deserving but they just happen to have the "necessary connections."
  14. coffeeaddict78

    Any Filipino Nurse working in Nevada?

    Hi I'm looking for Filipino Nurses who are currently working in the state of Nevada.I'm interested in relocating there from South Carolina.
  15. coffeeaddict78

    where/when did you graduated?

    Hi I'm also a graduate of PLM BSN:monkeydance: batch 2000