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  1. Flygaze

    Shipping your Car from Coast to Coast

    I drove my car from Atlanta, GA to Ventura, CA and didn't have time to drive it back home so I ended up shipping it. I went with DIYtransport and it was $875 and took 9 days. This was early May 2015. (When I was looking to ship it out to Cali in January, $1099 was the cheapest.) Give yourself some buffer room because I was on a tight schedule and only a few companies had carriers in my area around the time I needed it shipped.
  2. Flygaze

    Housing stipend San Francisco

    Hello hello! For those who were recently in San Francisco, how much did you get for housing stipend and with which agency and facility? I heard of $4500/month (Fastaff), $2700 (Onward), and $2400 (AMN). I read back in the forum about someone getting $3000 in 2000. Not sure what I should be expecting for the negotiation. Thanks in advance!
  3. Flygaze

    New Travel RNs Can't Find Assignments?

    So went from almost nothing to three offers in the span of three hours. Any information about these three hospitals and their surrounding area would be great! Info of how safe the area is, ease of finding housing, public transportation, things to do, etc... anything! Thanks!! Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, CT (how easy is it to get a temp license?) Providence Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hill, CA Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, CA
  4. Flygaze

    Anyone worked in Kaiser San Jose

    Sweetgurly, Have you decided on the Kaiser San Jose position? My recruiters are offering positions at this facility It pays really well (like $2000/week!!!).
  5. Flygaze

    Anybody Lpns or RNS travel to Hawaii

    She's with Aureus
  6. Flygaze

    Anybody Lpns or RNS travel to Hawaii

    My friend is in Hawaii and loves it. She took company housing which is ten minutes away from the hospital, Queens Medical. She says public transpiration is good and the food is wonderful. This is her second week there so I haven't heard an update on how the job is.
  7. Flygaze

    Rn per deim and full time pay

    With six months of experience my coworker is getting around $24. This is at a large teaching hospital in Atlanta.
  8. Flygaze

    New Travel RNs Can't Find Assignments?

    That would be me. I have been looking for the past month for an assignment. I have 2.5 years experience in med/surg at two large teaching hospitals, one is a level 1. I am working with four recruiters. Maybe I am picky with my location (Denver, DC/Maryland, Florida...branching out to California now that I'm kinda getting desperate). I don't think I am picky with pay (willing to take $1193/wk takehome for Hopkins...is this low for Hopkins and Maryland??). I've been submitted to a dozen positions and only had one interview (declined the offer bc didn't have ortho experience and wasn't comfortable with the hospital and area). I'm getting frustrated. Anyone else going through something similar?? Any advice/tips??
  9. Flygaze

    Medstar Hospitals

    I had an interview at Southern yesterday and was hesitant about accepting. It's a night position 1:6 ratio orthopedics, which I have very limited experience in. I'll think I'll keep looking. Thanks for responding, Maggie!
  10. Flygaze

    Medstar Hospitals

    Hi everyone, Any information (good, bad, ugly) about the Medstar hospitals in Maryland? I am applying for a travel position at Medstar Southern, Medstar Union and Medstar Franklin Square. The online reviews are awful. I wanted to hear from the nurses's prospective how it is. Thanks!
  11. Flygaze

    Is there a secret to Emory

    Yes, research which unit(s) you want to work on and hand deliver your resumes. Also, if you know someone who works at Emory, ask them to refer you. Most of the people hired on my floor have been through referrals or internally.
  12. Flygaze

    Heading down south for the winter

    That was when I was a new grad desperate for med/surg experience. If you have any questions about Atlanta hospitals, PM me. I am at Emory University Hospital and it is wonderful! I really want to travel and will be extremely sad to leave my job behind. I am currently looking for my first travel assignment. If you have any knowledge/advice on what I should be expecting in terms of housing stipend and pay in the DC area, it will be much appreciated!
  13. Flygaze

    Heading down south for the winter

    I worked at Grady on a med/surg/tele floor for 7 months and absolutely hated it. We never had enough supplies (IV tubing, alcohol pads, flushes...). The staff was very mean and rude to each other and patients. It was normal for me to have 6 patients and sometime 7. On a good day I had 5 patients. There were 42 beds on my floor and only two techs so the nurses pretty much did everything: vitals, accuchecks, baths, ambulate patients, clean them up. Maybe the ICU will be different but if at all possible, I would not recommend Grady. It is also in a sketchy area of town.