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Natasha has 1 years experience as a CNA, LVN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. Natasha

    How to prepare for first term of ADN?

    Congratulations for getting accepted into nursing school. That's a huge accomplishment! I've attended a LVN program which is equivalent to your first year of nursing school and what I would recommend to prepare for nursing school is you want to study like you are making the transition from student nurse to working RN from day one. That means taking what you learned in A&P and problem solve like a nurse. The gaps I encountered was taking what you already know and applying it to nursing subjects. For example you've learned about blood pressure in A&P. When you get to nursing school you are going to learn about taking a patient's blood pressure. Then you will learn that there are classifications for blood pressure like normal blood pressure, prehypertension, stage 1 hypertension, stage 2 hypertension. Also, when you were in A&P and you learned about blood pressure, you also learned about blood pressure from the different ages (infant, child, adolescent, adult , elderly) That can be a challenge at first, but it's not impossible to learn. Just be a person who is always willing to learn. Other resources ask your professor for help. Youtube RegisteredNurseRN is a great resource and Mark Klimek audios as well as Saunders book
  2. Natasha

    NCLEX Struggle

    I'm in CA so the number of times are unlimited. I am not sure for the other states. You can do a search on here titled "This is my xx amount of time taking it and I finally passed" So it is possible to pass with xx numbers of times. what is it that you are having trouble with? The most common reasons are usually not having a strong grasps of exam-testing skills, nursing test taking skills ( ie. ABC, Nursing Process, Safety), lack of knowledge with physiology/pathophysiology, or how to breakdown nursing type questions using keywords and bloom taxonomy. If I was in your shoes, I would self evaluate my past results before buying another prep course. That way you will know what you need to do differently. You can do this! *heart*
  3. Natasha

    Nursing School Supplies/Resources?

    Congratulations for getting accepted into nursing school! https://allnurses-breakroom.com/books-every-nursing-student-should-t34687/ *Have a great pathophysiology book
  4. Natasha

    Any suggestions

    You can do this! understand rationales and apply critical thinking (analyze, synthesis, evaluation)- please keep us posted.
  5. Natasha

    A&P and Chemistry

    Your welcome Savannah!
  6. Natasha

    A&P and Chemistry

    Congratulations on pursuing your nursing career. It's possible to take both classes, but there are many factors to really know if its doable for you. A&P is a class that's weighs a lot for admission criteria and you want to strive for ALL prerequisites with a 4.0 GPA. Would you have time to study to get an A for two heavy classes? ( not saying its heavy for you but statistically most people say science classes are challenging) only you will know what you can and can not handle wish you the best!
  7. Natasha

    Med Surg Resource Recommendations?

    You are welcome!!
  8. Natasha

    Med Surg Resource Recommendations?

    Sarah RN youtube keithnurse on youtube Your nursing textbook is your best source and pay attention anything that may cause a nurse failure to recognize deterioration while reading your textbook
  9. Natasha

    NCLEX Test Repeater

    You got this! You are right. there are A LOT of resources, but just pick 1-2 resources based on how you learn best and stick to a schedule. Keep us posted I've used uworld questions with my medical surgical book, listened to mark k audio prioritization and lab, and watched professor fink youtube
  10. Natasha

    Should I attend a 12 month or 15 month LPN program ?

    adn community college rn program around $5000 and adn-bsn around $6000 (wgu online program) i still think $20k is too much for RN program unless you have 80% paid up front and taking out little to no loans.
  11. Natasha

    Should I attend a 12 month or 15 month LPN program ?

    neither. that's a lot of money. most programs are around $4000 total.
  12. Natasha

    Should I attend a 12 month or 15 month LPN program ?

    what is the cost?
  13. Natasha

    Tips/resources for reviewing anatomy before nursing school?

    compensatory mechanisms, cell injury, homeostasis, cpr anatomy How does nervous system, cardio and respiratory work together? Focus on how the body systems especially brain heart lungs kidney work together with an exception of immune system how does liver and kidney work together for detox? how does the kidney and respiratory work together for acid /base ? how does cardio and resp work together for blood flow?
  14. Natasha

    Any suggestions

    What are you struggling most with medsurg and pharmacology? What study method are you using? What is your job work load schedule? What were your A&P scores on your entrance teas exams? Have you grasped the critical thinking concepts like adpie, safety and maslow from fundamentals class? This assessment will let us know where you are right now
  15. Natasha

    PreReqs Question? Too much at once?

    Congratulations on starting a new chapter. Because you have been out of school for 10 yrs and most nursing schools only want 4.0's with these classes, I highly recommend taking them separately unless you have stellar study skills It is possible. You not only want to thrive for high grades to become competitive, but more importantly understand the concepts because when you start nursing school, most professors do not review A&P. A&P is the "back bone" for understanding nursing exams. Also, check to see if your school has study skill workshops or tutoring sessions as well. Check out a library book on "how to study A&P" or check out a few youtube videos on "how to study A&P" Use all of your school resources and you should be fine

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