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  1. E-commerce

    How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) During Clinical

    I will be starting the LVN program and will keep these tips in mind during clinicals. Thank you!!!!
  2. or should i ask what "subjects" covers the reading comp?? :) commas grammer vocab ??
  3. sorry for asking too many questions *blush* but what are the common vocab words to study ???
  4. E-commerce

    VOCAB Practice -HELP!!!!

    what are the common vocab words to study for the pre lvn entrance testing? i know commas, nouns, grammer, etc..thanks! :)
  5. is the reading portion also where to place commas, etc?
  6. E-commerce

    Pre Entrance Exam help!!!!!! :(

    awesome :)
  7. Congrats!! I'm in process of taking the pre entrance lvn exam & im horrible at english..what tips, links, books helped u prep for the reading comp? :)
  8. I'm studying for the pre entrance exam for the LVN program. I took the test before & failed horribly. the issue is I'm fantastic at math but suck at english. What tips do I need to prep for the reading comprehension, vocab,grammer part of the test?? Links? will be helpful :)