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NewRN2008 has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Ortho; Gyn; Urology; HBOT; Emergent.

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  1. NewRN2008

    Old new grad: take UHMS intro course?

    thanks for the info, but i was just seeing how you were doing honestly. i have a great job, and a huge timeline ahead of me for my career. heck, if i was to get another job, that would be bad bad bad
  2. NewRN2008

    Opinions about Tympanic Thermometers

    this recently came up in place of work d/t the tympanic not being as accurate as it needs to be for our population of pts, well, it was ordered before anyone else was aware of it. kinda of annoyed btw. this one states you need to wait 10 full minutes after a hearing aid comes out; myringotomies &/or PE tubes will give a false reading d/t scarring (our population is on the high end of these); if they have been laying on it you have to wait like 10 minutes... it was a lot of stuff before even getting to the fact that they are usually done quick and not correctly positioned that you will get an inaccurate reading. i can find the company info if you want, they did the research! lol just my 2 cents -H-
  3. NewRN2008

    Exhaustion bloopers

    and i bet money, GOOD money, that the toe .vs. tub got narcs! lmao.. had to say it! sorry
  4. NewRN2008

    New grad got the job!!!

    Congrats Graduate Nurse with a JOB!!! WTG!! Cant wait to see the post or pm that you passed boards! you got this!!!! -H-
  5. NewRN2008

    Do these types of nurses require specific degrees?

    u have your adn, you passed your boards? you can work anywhere!! (where i am anyhow! lol)
  6. NewRN2008

    Need Some Advice

    where i live we have a "critical care university" that takes nurses of whatever status and puts them thru another program that you work and learn each floor in the hospital, then its a job in ICU. not that you have to stay in ICU, but its a start. and heck, you said you are looking for your niche, you might find it when your not looking. on a side note, do you know how many ppl dont find their "niche" for years? i wouldnt worry about finding what you want, get your experience so you can find what you want.. gl! -H-
  7. NewRN2008

    Should I give nursing another try?

    only one comment, if you dont like it, didnt like, you wont grow to like it. please dont do it unless your heart is in it.
  8. NewRN2008

    Can I work as an LVN with only an RN license in CA?

    i do know a co-worker that grad from adn-rn, she couldnt find an rn job to save her life for about a yr. she passed boards, continued to work as cna. she was held to the standards of rn, and could get in "trouble" as an rn for something she did as a cna. there is another aspect that ppl will take advantage of the situ as well, not usually in a good way. so make sure you are able to stand your ground. it is not in your best interest from what i have read and discussed where i work, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, kwim? and as the other person said, you kinda mess yourself up b/c you get paid at lvn, but will be expected to do rn. gl! -H-
  9. NewRN2008

    Forced to work longer than scheduled hours....

    thats another reason for not doing LTC. they are so short right now where i am, and NOT safe in any manner or respect. we have one ltc that i could tell horror stories about,, but keep my mouth shut. i would demand to see the manual and copy it, if she refuses, i would tell her you are calling the state and they can come in and set things straight. you have rights just as much as anyone else, and you need to stand up for yourself. i know they say in nursing you need to have "thick skin" but you dont, you just need to have the guts to stand up for yourself to anyone anytime in a professional manner. kwim? i wish you all the luck in the world! -H-
  10. NewRN2008

    Pain Med Administration

    i cant say we dont have several meds ordered for many of our pts due to the surgerys that we do and the random admits that we get. i feel i really know my docs well, w/ the exception of the random dang hospitalists and the frustrating teaching services that decide to come thru and order whatever their student hearts desire b/c they can. (can you tell interns and residents and med students drive me a littllllleee crazy?) we dont have a written standard of what we do, but we do have "unwritten" rules on what to follow. i know that doesnt help, but its a lot of trust and nursing judgement as well. sorry i cant be more help!
  11. NewRN2008

    Reduced sound from learning stethoscopes?

    i agree with the other post above. They should be able to do it right after you and get a correct and close enough number to be able to access you properly. if they disagree, then i would go to the dean of nursing stat and get this figured out. if would tell them your case and well as ways to remedy the situation, that will also show nursing thinking. not just that you have a problem and fix it. in the long run, you are going to be helping another person b/c if there is not a policy in place now, then there ought to be, and maybe you can be the one to write it with the school! GL! -H-
  12. NewRN2008


    Just wondering if anyone is still around to talk about HBOT. I would love to get this section going again.. Heather
  13. NewRN2008

    New HBO RN!!

    so i see it has been a while since this was posted.. very very interested in getting to know you and about HBOT from your standpoint! woud love to chat! PM me?? heather
  14. NewRN2008

    Old new grad: take UHMS intro course?

    Hello, i know this is a long shot, but are you still around on this topic? i would love to talk to you, see what you did, and kinda follow up w/ hbot stuffs! PM me if you want! Heather
  15. NewRN2008

    Alcohol Saturated Port Caps

    Hello! We take ours off, the only places that we get them from as an issue (as of now anyhow) is our SICU & MICU. we done mess around, we have another type of cap we can use, why tempt fact right?? :)
  16. NewRN2008


    So there are a lot of sites that offer "FREE CME'S", but do any of you have any great sites that you use for continuing education? I want to continue to find sites because the ones i have used do not really update very often with new cme's that are relevant even close to what i would use or even possibly use in my future. TIA, -H-RN