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  1. Heard of Kingman AZ?

    Has anyone heard of it-looking to take travel assignment there- I know its desolate-any info on the city or stuff nearby-thanks
  2. Heard of Kingman AZ?

    I am starting to travel after 14 years of nursing in bham al-anyone know about Kingman Arizona-I know its small, I dont require alot of entertainment-just something to do every once in a while for me and my husband-would love input-thank you
  3. misdemeanor RN-please help!!

    I am a RN who is looking to travel to a position in wyoming- I have a PREVIOUS DUI IN 2006, I recieved a public intox august of last year for driving after I had an endoscopy (hold comments-I know it was a serious mistake) .Will I be able to get a te...
  4. re: funny nursing stories

    I was working in the recovery room, we did mostly outpatient, some inpatient ortho. I was beside a co worker who had just recieved a total hip replacement and had an abduction wedge pillow in use. The patient went on and on for about 10 minutes telli...