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  1. Howdy, This is a serious question (to me), but an excellent opportunity for light replies. I'm a middle-aged male who has just started having a LOT of medical experience (on the recieving end, naturally!) I've asked this question of my mother and 2 aunts who were all nurses, and got 3 different answers! Everybody knows erections are natural and normal, and nurses (male and female) are not there to fulfill fantasies... but, do I stare at the ceiling, pretend I don't notice anything, apologize or whistle Dixie or talk about the Mariners or what? Do females in general think I'm being disrespectful? Do males think I'm assuming they're gay? Just for my own information, I'm trying to figure out the best way to deal with this. P.S. I couldn't find any info on this from Miss Manners or Dear Abby columns! Thanks, Dave McGee

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