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ScrappyED is a BSN, RN and specializes in ED, Trauma.

Mom of three wonderful munchkins and proud wife of a soldier!

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  1. ScrappyED

    Hospital nursing or other areas

    It probably depends on the nursing numbers in your area. Where I live (Tennessee and Kentucky) we're so chronically short that applicants have their pick as long as your background check is clear.
  2. Thank you for this series of articles. As an RN interested in this profession and yet wary of going into even more debt taking one of the big certification classes, I welcome all the advice I can get ahead of time! I am very interested in the work an...
  3. ScrappyED

    The Trauma after the Trauma

    Thank you!
  4. ScrappyED

    add your funny TRIAGE complaints from pts

    You know I can't decide if this is hilarious or sad! Right now hilarious is winning.
  5. ScrappyED

    Talked into a career in nursing by Stephen King.

    Wow, you should be very proud of yourself! Look at all that you have overcome and are now doing something as awesome and fulfilling as nursing (and sometimes nerve-wracking! LOL). I am impressed with your drive and your passion. By the way, ther...
  6. ScrappyED

    Public Service Announcement

    All ER nurses are just fantastic Wow Jennyw, what a night. That definitely tops my worst so far! :bowingpur
  7. ScrappyED

    Nurses pilot voice-recording system in Pittsburg!!

    Oooh! I hadn't thought of that--definitely cleaner!!!
  8. This is something I have been wanting ever since stepping foot on the hospital floor as a nurse. I kept telling myself, there has GOT to be a better way! Doctor's routinely use hand-held voice data recorders for transcription purposes but I thought...
  9. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and your advice. I have never had to deal with a miscarriage and have had four wonderful children. So I have always felt very awkward and inadequate when dealing with pt's who are miscarrying. Thank goo...
  10. ScrappyED

    Public Service Announcement

    What an awesome recap of our "normal" workday! I love it!!! And to the question about do we love really is a love/hate relationship. I can't imagine being anywhere else more than for the occasional float--but when my shift is over (or a...
  11. ScrappyED

    24 Things ER Nurses Know All Too Well

    Do you WORK in an ER?? I find it hard to believe that you do. We all have infinite compassion for those who truly need to be there--otherwise we wouldn't do it! It is the ones who come in via ambulance for knee pain that they've had for literally ...
  12. ScrappyED

    24 Things ER Nurses Know All Too Well

    #51 The number of times you come out of the room and up to the desk to ask when your loved one is going to go upstairs is exponentially related to the time it will take to get you there. #52 Please eat before you come to the ER so ...
  13. We have a nursing progam in TN that will not admit anyone who is overweight. It also said in my nursing school handbook that you must be able to function within the tight spaces common in hospital rooms in order to fulfill graduation requirements. ...
  14. ScrappyED

    Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant

    I heard about this the other day. Very exciting news!! I think research on gene therapy is going to be the answer to many of our "incurable" diseases eventually. I just hope it is done carefully and ethically--just think of the things that could ...
  15. ScrappyED

    The Trauma after the Trauma

    He was able to answer our questions for the first few minutes and it looked like it was going to be a "routine" trauma where we stop the arterial bleed, set the fracture then scan the pt from head to toe to make sure there are no hidden internal trau...