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  1. Hello, I am hoping someone can share some info about Yale-New Haven's PICU. I am thinking about applying there, but I wanted to get as much info as possible before making my decision. There is a open house coming up in October I plan on attending, but I was also hoping to hear some honest, straightforward opinions from nurses who have worked there. Some things I would love to know about: the acuity of patients, the census of the unit, educational opportunites available, the working relationship among attendings-residents-nurses, and (of course) salary.... Any info would be appreciated! Thanks so much.

    US Nurses Wishing to Work Overseas

    Thank you Suemsu for your response. A second Bachelor's degree means that prior to my BSN, I had already received a Bachelor's degree in some other field besides nursing. In my case, it was English and Art. The nursing program then uses your existing degree and supplements it with the core nursing courses (essentially the junior and senior years of a 4-year nursing degree), to then be able to award you with a BSN in an accelerated amount of time. Many universities throughout the US have these programs in addition to their traditional 4 year and RN-to-BSN programs. I attended the University of Mass at Amherst. Granted it is not as simple as deciding one day to be a RN and apply to the program. To be able to apply to the program, you need to have completed 7 prerequisites (some in my program had already done one or two in their first degree...I was lucky enough to need all 7!) and I also had to do the GRE. While Second Bachelor's degrees are accepted in this country, it is my understanding (mainly from reading this forum), that other countries do not recognize this degree - it has to do with the number of hours of training. The woman from Continental did not seem concerned about this fact at all. I just don't want to start the process (ie spend a lot of money) if there is not a chance that I would be able to practice in the UK as a RN. I just thought since the process is quite long, I would try to get things going, even if I didn't use my license right away. I don't think that I could apply as a European. My marriage does not automatically grant me UK or EU provisions. My understanding is that I would need to live in the UK for 6 months in order to ask for UK citizenship. Does anyone have any other info?

    US Nurses Wishing to Work Overseas

    This is my first time posting on this forum, but I've spent many hours reading the postings. I know this question has been posed before and I have spent many hours reading through the posts, but I just need some clarification, if possible. I am a RN with one year of experience working in the PICU. I received my BSN from a Second Bachelor's program in May 2006. I have been married to a Brit for the last 13 years. We have no immediate plans on moving to the UK, but talk about it now and again. I think at some point in the next 5 years or so, we might try to move there. I know that the NHS has lots of problems at the moment. We travel to the UK every year for visits, so read the papers, and his family keep me up to date on things. I also have read that the NMC will not accept a Second Bachelor's degree in nursing. I recently contacted Continental Travel Nursing, who told me that my Second Bachelor's degree would not be an issue at all and that I wouldn't have any problems finding work through them. Is this true? I specifically asked the woman at the agency several times if my degree would be an issue with the NMC, and was told no. Does anyone have any info they can share with me about this agency or going through the NMC procedure with a Second Bachelor's degree? Thanks so much.