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  1. pochacco1211

    BSN private college or ADN community college?

    Hi Quienes, I ended up attending an ABSN program at CSU because I don't want to go back to school after getting my license. For your case, my suggestion is you really have to think about your financial status. Worst case scenario, you might not be able to get a job right after graduation since the economy is really bad right now. Many of the new gradates from our program are still looking for jobs. Also, an ADN program doesn't necessarily to be easier, but they do have less courses than a BSN program. Hope this would help! Good luck!
  2. Hi All, The orientation package stated that we need to schedule an appointment with Sequoia Hospital Employee Health Services. Does anyone know what # to call? Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I just got the orientation package via e-mail. I can't wait to meet you all on July 30th @ Sequoia.
  4. Torasamu, Congratulations!
  5. Just want to share some info: Our Orientation date is on: July 20th If any of you happen to look for Sandra Ballance, she is currently on vacation. According to the lady at her office, she will not be back until a week later. Does anyone know if we are eligible for taking summer classes @SFSU?
  6. Please help! Does anyone know if taking Pharmacology @ local JC over the summer is acceptable by SFSU? Don't wanna waste the whole summer, so I am trying to lessen the workload if possible for the first semester in nursing program. Any suggestions? For current SFSU nursing student, please share your experience. Thank you so much!
  7. I just got the official acceptance letter by mail today. If you don't get it today, you should be getting it on Monday.
  8. The waiting time is killing me.
  9. If you simply want to fulfill the chemistry requirement, any of the following is fine. CHEM 210 General Chemistry I or CHEM 192 Elementary Chemistry or CHEM 410 Chemistry for Health Sciences This is only for SFSU. If you plan to apply for other CSU campus, they might have different requirement. Please check with http://www.assist.org to make sure.
  10. Did anyone get the letter in the mail yet? I am so nervous...
  11. Thank you for your useful information! Do you know if GE segment 3 courses must be taken @ SFSU? What if I have taken similar courses at UC campus? Thanks!
  12. pochacco1211

    Anyone apply to CSU Stanislaus or Sonoma?

    Oic! I haven't heard anything back from Sac State and CSUEB, so I am not sure if their decision letters have gone out yet but I heard someone from this forum has already received the acceptance letter from SFSU (for their regular BSN program). For now, I am expecting the acceptance letter from SFSU 'cause that's my 1st choice. I applied for their Sequoia/Canada College program since they are not accepting applicant who holds a bachelors degree for their regular BSN program. I called their nursing department, the lady told me the letter should be going out this week and she also informed me about my admission status over the phone, so I don't have to keep worrying whether I should go for the ADN program. If you don't hear from SFSU after this week, I suggest you call them for your admission status. Good luck!
  13. pochacco1211

    Anyone apply to CSU Stanislaus or Sonoma?

    Did you apply other schools? Maybe you will get in for your 2nd choice. Don't give up!
  14. pochacco1211

    Anyone apply to CSU Stanislaus or Sonoma?

    You should expected a letter in the mail. I got my denial letter early last week, but I am not sure if they send out all decision letters at the same time or just the denial letters. My suggestion is you should call their nursing department for your status if you don't hear anything from them this week. Good luck!
  15. pochacco1211

    College of San Mateo ADN program

    The JEPET test is a writing proficiency exam. If you pass it, you don't have to take another English (upper division) course. Since I haven't received their letter yet, I don't really know my next step. hahaha... Anyway, congrat again and best of luck!