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  1. ashcip

    Nursing Concepts

    thanks so much! thats exactly what i was looking for!
  2. ashcip

    Nursing Concepts

    Hey everyone- I have been searching in the history and can't seem to find this answer. I have the chance to buy the old tcn nursing concepts books for the excelsior program. I'm wondering if this is a good idea. I know they are older books but most material i wouldn't think would be much different. I just don't know how it would work with the different configuration. Anyone think this is a good move?
  3. ashcip


    Hello- I'm looking for some help. I've been a LPN for 6 years, my sciences are 8 years old. Indiana State University will accept these science classes. It would take me lets say from this date, around 3 years to complete the degree. If I attended Excelsior College, it would take me less time, but I'd have to re-do my science classes, it would take less time. But i'd have to repeat the science courses, which I dread! Can anyone advise me what I should do? Thanks,
  4. ashcip

    challenge exam

    Hello- I'm a new student going through the phase 2, I'm having problems getting the study guide from Indiana State University. All I know is what are the 4 exams, Nothing more. Any additional help? Thanks!
  5. I would love to see your phase 2 and 3
  6. hello- i don't know if you've heard but SC and NC aren't able to attend ISU they aren't accepted states...
  7. ashcip


    I've looked at many places attempting to find the books. I'm working on eBay, does anyone know anything about if there is an electronic version and a binder version?
  8. I'm wondering and trying to find information on.. I'm living in South Carolina, I was originally hopeful to take ISU clinicals in North Carolina, but I have heard just recently that they are no longer accepting ISU in North Carolina, so now I'm looking at Georgia as an option. Anyone have any information on possible living in one state and taking clinicals in another state? Thanks
  9. ashcip


    Hello- I'm looking at starting the challenge exams. But I can't find them used anywhere!! Please advise!
  10. ashcip


    Hello- I have been with Excelsior for several years now. And have just recently got on track to start taking the exams. Unfortunately, my A&P and Micro are now to old, and must be retaken. Please someone tell me whats the best way to meet this requirement? I've seen so many different ways. I'd like to save money and such. Is it to just go through Excelsior? Or have people had better luck with other options? Thanks in advance!
  11. ashcip

    ec or isu

    I'm struggling with deciding between the 2 schools. I've applied and been accepted in both schools. Started paying admission fees for excelsior. I'm stressed about the cost of excelsior college, wondering if it's the better option. I'm not sure if I'm willing to wait 3 years to go from LPN-RN. Please advise!
  12. ashcip

    Owens Community College-Findlay

    Thats weird. I graduated from the LPN program in December of 08. Loved the program it had ups and downs. But my graduating class all passed their NCLEX. as well as the semester before us. I wonder what happened. Good to know for others though. Could really effect their program for sure.
  13. ashcip

    Owens Community College-Findlay

    I hadn't heard that. Thats interesting. When did this happen do you know?
  14. ashcip

    Any Owen's students here?

    Well thats sad. I loved going to Owens. I have since moved to Cleveland, so I won't be going back to Owens for my RN. I did go to the Findlay campus. I'm not sure if that makes a big difference.
  15. ashcip

    Any Owen's students here?

    I graduated from Owens in Fall of 08 as an LPN started in Jan. I actually didn't wait at all. i Applied in October and got in Jan. I did have my prereq done however. And I had heard for the fall they still had opening a few weeks before. you shouldn't really have many problems. I loved the Owens program. I admit tat some of the teachers were very tough. But you have that in any program.
  16. ashcip

    Cleveland new grads

    I took my test in March. i applied for 3 different jobs, and actually had 2 job offers from those 3 interviews. I accepted one. I find that most of my classmates were in the same position. I'm an LPN.