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  1. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I was watching *Jericho* last night on Netflix. At one point a patient in the town clinic crashes and dies -- the cardiac monitor was going insane because his heart rate was all the way up to 124!
  2. Bags?

    My agency uses Ogio backpacks. They hold up well.
  3. What happened to the "Emergency" in "Emergency Room?"

    I've had to go to the ED for back pain ($250 copay). I live in a rural area where there are no minute clinics and the Urgent Care closes at 7pm. I was working nights at the time so I didn't wake up and try to get moving till 5pm -- by the time I coul...
  4. Look at it this way -- the pt was moving their legs enough to kick the SCD off!
  5. You Know You're A Nurse If...

    I remember looking at the litterbox (that 2 cats shared) and thinking "How am I supposed to document output for each cat?!?"
  6. Older student trying to find the right fit

    I'm an introvert working in home health :) I enjoy the work, but it is rough sometimes to have to be "on" and meet many new people every day.
  7. There was someone like this in my nursing program. The best thing you can do is to distance yourself from her: don't sit next to her in class, don't answer her phone calls/texts/emails right way, and when she starts complaining you can develop an urg...
  8. Least Favorite Things Patients Say

    That's right up there with my CHF patient's daughter. She asked about Mom's vital signs during the night; I told her about the periods of bradycardia; she freaked out. "What?! Why is that happening?!?" Educated pt's daughter that this is not uncommon...
  9. fired for cancelling shifts d/t health issues?

    Then your boss is not doing HIS job.

    Upper GI bleed pt coded ... coffee-ground emesis spurting from mouth and nose with each chest compression I did.
  11. Whatdaya think this is?

    Parts Department?
  12. Now THAT'S a lab result

    Hey, look, it's a platelet!
  13. Can I be an RN in NYC and take antidepressants?

    I am a registered nurse in New York and I take antidepressants (and have for many years). I need them to be "stable" enough to work with patients and to live my life! The New York State application for an RN license does not ask about mental health ...
  14. Spin off: what is a reasonable sick call policy?

    What gets me is ... Employer gives me 80 hours of sick time per year (equivalent of almost seven 12-hour shifts) but if I call out sick more than once in a year it's noted on my annual review????
  15. But you're a nurse, you could've done this....

    I would have said "Right now I'm not a nurse, I'm his mom." Glad no one was hurt!
  16. Do you wear jewelry to work?

    CZ stud earrings, a fob watch pinned to my scrub top, and a religious medal in my pocket.
  17. Please stop! Little things that are just bad practice.

    If the wife is a staff member, she is probably trying to keep from spreading her husband's organisms to any patients she might encounter in the course of her job. Plus, she's setting a good example!
  18. You know you're tired when...

    I tried to clock out on the hand sanitizer dispenser.
  19. Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    Both of the patients being transported were in Africa working with Ebola patients as part of Samaritan's Purse. I couldn't find the interview you mention -- what network/show was it on?
  20. The dumbest things you've heard from a provider

    "Sure, this pt's ammonia was 116 yesterday and is 125 today, but we're not going to give him the TID lactulose he takes at home because he's been having loose stools." My hand to God.
  21. Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    The CDC has been responsible for quarantine stations since 1967 (http://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/historyquarantine.html); these are not new stations that are suddenly being set up. Also, that Executive Order adds "Severe acute respiratory syndromes" (y...
  22. An omen...

    On my way home from my first code, "Don't Fear the Reaper" came on the radio.
  23. Um... Can you hit before you get hit?

    They can't hit you if they can't reach you. Keep your distance and always have an escape route.
  24. Charge nurse pay

    Nothing extra, though they do try to keep me out of assignment.
  25. (whoops, posted twice)