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Curentl cna, taking phelbotomy classes

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  1. angieleelee

    Should I take Pre-Req when they are not required?

    Thats some good information guys! Thanks alot, that is great to know about the science classes.
  2. angieleelee

    Should I take Pre-Req when they are not required?

    Thanks, Well I have thought of that. But I was told that classes stay good only for 5 years. I think it will be longer than that before I go onto RN. I need my Kiddos to be older. I would hate to take courses only to have them wasted.
  3. Hello I plan on aplying for fall 08 LPN program at a privite college near me. Now they have no prereqs. How you get in is based on a point system, certifiactes obtained, Net test, employmemt in healthcare, and classes taken. From what Im told around 250 people apply every year about 50 get in. Im was thinking of taking AP or Nutrition at a community college. Im worried about all the information you take on. Will it really help me? Will I retain that information when it comes to the program? Any ideas? Im curently a CNA working at a assisted living facility. By that time I will have a year in healthcare too.
  4. angieleelee

    What is with me?? Do I give up?

    Im going to asume your wanting to go through Rn program. You could settle for the LPN program. Do that for a few years then transfer to Rn when things get a little less sticky. By the time your done with school you could of been a doctor lol. Most LPNs dont have any Prereq's. One year of school you will be making only a few dollars less as opposed to 5 years of school and a few dollars more an hour. Thats taking in consideration your 3 years plus 2 more for RN.
  5. angieleelee

    Am I crazy? Need advice

    Your not too old!!!! Go for it, I know around here MA's dont make anything, they go to school for 2 years and only make $8-$10 an hour!!. Lpn's around here start out around $15 straight out of 1 year of school. I have asked several people I know in the medical field why that is. I keep hearing bc Doc's are cheap lol.
  6. that is just rude to say to anyone.
  7. angieleelee

    Has Any One Taken The Teas Test?

    Yes I was curious if we get to use a calc? Also why 1 1/2 min per question? I figured its timed but I have NEVER taken a test where time was a concern. Is your time really that constricted? Or better yet how long for how many questions?
  8. angieleelee

    New CNA on New Rehab Job (Update)

    Sounds like what I went through a few months ago. I left a nursing home for a independent care facility and love it. Most people are falls risks but I have ony 9 PTs to care for as opposed to 28 before. I too had more PTs than anyone else the nurse never delagated anything. I complained only to be "put out" by the other aides when I did. So I left with my tail between my legs. Best decision I ever made. I was very discouraged toward nursing. I make a dollar less than before but worth it. I work 3rds we have alot of downtime so I study my nursing textbooks at night. Try something diferent my advice. :)
  9. angieleelee


    With me a seed got planted when I was about 16. I was working in the dietary dept in a local nursing home. I loved what little interaction I got with the residents. I seen how the CNA's had all the hands on with them and I wanted that. I latter found out I had to take classes to be a CNA. During that part of my life I wasn't thinking of a career or schooling at all. I got married to my high school sweetheart (still with him). We have 2 boys 6 and 2. I have been at home with them up until this year(2001-2007). I finally decided to get my CNA . I now work 3rd shift at a small assisted living facility. There isn't much for us to do at night. So I use that time to study out of about 5 nursing workbooks and textbooks I have bought. I'm hoping to start school fall 08. Its according of our finances and getting in. Everyone says how demanding it is so I figure the more I know the better. I want to continue to work with the elderly. They are so different from people today, I find alot of joy being with them. P.s Yea and of course the money. My pay is crap, I want better for my family. And to be someone my children can look up to. Husband has a good job with decent pay but for a family of 4 its a little short of being enough.
  10. angieleelee

    Ready to Call it Quits

    Yep for sure we have 29 residents and 1 RN 4 LPN's. I wonder who passed Meds there? Someone has to give it to them.
  11. angieleelee

    LPN Starting Salary

    In Chattanooga Tn LPN's starts out making $14-$15 Hr. RN's $18-$19 Hr. Which is good, our cost of living here is very low. You have choice of 2 schools one will cost you $3,000 and the other $7,000 for the year.
  12. angieleelee

    Ready to Call it Quits

    Maybe you should consider changing the field you work in. I work in a assisted living and its great. All the nurses are happy and most the patients are like family. The pay is a little lower for nurses and cna's but may be worth the hassle. I worked in a nursing home for awhile and found the environment there was stressful constantly. Nurses and cna's are over worked and tired. Made for a very bad environment.
  13. angieleelee

    CNAs in Tennessee

    Hi in Chattanooga it around $9 an hour. MA make around the same here.
  14. angieleelee

    Isolate until all vesicles have crusted?

    Well its under the Varicella immunization. Health care interventions? My book is a little hard to understand. Probably bc Im not in school! LOL
  15. Hi Im studing my NCLEX book and I came across this, Im assuming it means scab over? lmk thanks!!