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  1. jenn22lm

    Anyone Using RUE...

    its ok. i havent been to this site in a while. i got an e-mail sayin u replied to my topic. so thanks 4 the reminder. i took dev. pysch a year ago. it wasnt bad. i really dont remember much about it. i did the rue book, workbook, and tinas notes do u have those? have u been to the mentor connection?
  2. jenn22lm

    Anyone Using RUE...

    Hi, I just started like 3 weeks ago. I am now studying lifespan developmental psych. I am getting close to being done. I am a little nervous about my first test. I feel there is a lot of info. and i dont really know what to consentrate on. But you are definetely not alone!! I know how u feel!:wink2:
  3. jenn22lm

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi, my name is Jenn. I am also new to this. I noticed candy said she is with Rue ed. So am I. I am happy to see that your one of my peeps. lol Today is the first time I came here to the student forums. It seems really cool.
  4. jenn22lm

    Anyone Using RUE...

    Are any of you using the Rue Edu. study material. I started with them like 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering If any of you were going thru them too?
  5. jenn22lm


    :yeah:1st I want to say congradulations!!! I am new to this. I am taking Lifespan dev. psych. right now. I think I am almost ready to test soon. I seen that you said that you used the TCN study guide. What is that? I am trying to get all the resources I can. Good luck on your next course!!
  6. jenn22lm

    Report sheets

    That is a really good idea.