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    CHPN Exam eBook - Need Reader Reviews

    Hi ~ I've written a short book on my experience and strategies passing the CHPN exam this year. I'd like three or four career hospice RN's to read and review my manuscript before I offer it to the general hospice nursing population for sale. This ebook will probably retail for $29.95 when offered publicly. It will be provided free of charge to 3-4 qualified respondents, to whom the book will be provided free of charge. My only requirements are that you are a currently licensed RN working in a hospice setting or, that you are preparing for a soon-to-be given CHPN test, or have passed the CHPN already. Also, you would agree to both a confidentiality agreement and use of your name, review or comments in advertising, and that no comments regarding this ebook are pubished on a public forum, such as Allnurses, without prior permission from the author (me). I would appreciate also, your critique and input on the ebook contents and price. Please contact me @ kittyboxers@gmail.com if interested. G. Goransson, RN, CHPN http://www.kittyboxers.com