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    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    Congratulations!!!Sign of HOPE to those who have given up and desperate waiting for their turn..keep the faith! PD June 2005
  2. Hi,,,,One of the requirement in immigration visa application is a police clearance from all places/countries we've been. With this, I would like to ask how to secure police clearance here in saudi arabia, I have been asking around but no one knows where to get it..Police officers here are difficult to talk with (few can speak English)but when tried asking for one, they didn't know what that is..ANyone in the room who has an idea where and how to secure one?....
  3. oh well....it's really sad....Been waiting for 3 years now...I hooooppppeee it wouldn't be another year more to wait..Thanks anyway lawrence
  4. yes suzanne..I have asked from our lawyer, u are right that this is just the very first time for them to submit my ds230...
  5. I am so sorry if I have quoted or copied her email.......My bad...I just don't know how to explain....I really love this site for helping lots of nurses.....
  6. [color=#333333]hi suzanne....i am not quite sure if this would answer your query about my case but i have copied a portion of the email of the legal assistant last march 08..please drop me your idea about it..."as you may have heard, the nvc has started to issue new packet iii's to applicants with pending petitions. i am happy to inform you that i have received your packet iii. please note that as of the april 2008 visa bulletin, your case is current. [color=#333333]as always in the ever-changing world of immigration, the nvc has issued a new ds-230 part i and ii and given it a new expiration date of september 30, 2010. that having been said, i will need a newly completed ds-230 from you and each family member (spouse,children) joining you in the us (if applicable). [color=#333333] complete the attached ds-230 part i and part ii.[color=#333333]please make sure to fill out this form completely paying close attention to the locations for all places you have resided since the day you turned 16 years of age. you must list full dates (mm/dd/yyyy). [color=#333333] also, after reviewing your file, the following documents need to be updated in order to submit your packet iii."...........[color=#333333]so suzanne, i guess this means that, my previous ds230 hasn't been entered at the nvc right?and this might be the first one incase...so, i might fall to a conclusion that my case still have a long way to go...
  7. Hi susanne..yes let me ask that thing with our lawyer.what I knew is that only our agency and lawyer has been changed not the employer or petitioner as we still communicate with them until now.
  8. we have no agency at the moment as i've mentioned on my previous posts. we are directly communicating with the legal assistant of our new lawyer and our immigration lawyer as well..actually, year 2006 was the first time I heard that my packet 3 has arrived then after a year or so, this new immigrant lawyer said that they had received our packet 3 too because of some adjustment i guess. I hope our new lawyer moves faster than the former..
  9. Hi once again colleagues! I passed the NCLEX last october 2007 but until now I don't have any proof that I passed the exam.What I only have is my account on the pearsonvue website which marks me in my status as PASS. I have inquired this matter to the NJ board of nursing but they replied that they don't give such licensure copy or proof unless all our immigration papers are submitted o them. What bothers me now is that, what if one of this days my papers are ready for consulate interview and I don't have the proof to show that I really did pass the exam? Any idea regarding my situation?:nuke:
  10. Hi susanne...we just changed the lawyer, we still have the same petitioner/employer. As of the moment, we don't have any local agency representative as they had some problem with our employer so they were turned down..my new lawyer said that they received my packet 3 this april so he asked me to fill up the new set of Ds230 with new expiration date since the last one has been expired(2007).That's all I know regarding my case...I have though a copy of my receipt noticeI-140,IV bill, etc.,
  11. Yeah there were problems we encountered before with our previous agency that's why it took us ages..my PD is june 2005..so you mean, it is impossible for us to have a visa this year?even if were done with the interview?what is this schedule A?...sorry i really don't have any idea about it..so I guess its better for me to have my interview here in saudi so if incase the process will still take too long at least I still have a job here while waiting.
  12. Hi suzzane...This is my 3rd time to send DS230..first was year 2006, 2007 and this third one year 2008. the first two ds230 were not submitted i guess due to the retrogression issue and our employer changed our immigration lawyer. But when we checked before my status at NVC, it is said that my status is "awaiting for biographic form" that is year 2007.I haven't checked lately with the NVC cos we were adviced that doing so may delay our papers....
  13. I am still weighing things out though cos if it happens that I'll have my interview here I could save money and effort rather than going home to Philippines..But If in case (and I do hope) that my interview is a success I don't think I can exit from here directly to USA right? WHat I know is that we have to go back to our point of origin...how true is this? And I am not also sure about the hospitals here in saudi accredited by US for my medical..ohhh I am still thinking a lot of things...the pros and cons....I don't want to think negative but what if I opted to go home and have my interview there in my homeland and it wasn't successful?Then I would loss my work here...I don't want to be a home bound nurse when I get home...I don't know maybe I'm just so paranoid...are there cases wherein nurse immigrant visa applicant get denied?like what common reasons?...oh sorry i've mixed up all my queries...
  14. Hi...i have this situation to share..I am currently employed here in saudi arabia for two months now, this month my lawyer told me that the NVC just send them my packet 3 and that they are already awaiting for my ds230..My representaive asked me where would I prefer to have my interview so they could change the location of my future interview,they asked if me to let them know asap....here in saudi or in the philippines where I originally came from. Does anyone here who's in the same boat as mine?please advice...and if the interview will be done here would there be no problem?...
  15. I have taken 4 different nursing exams(saudi licensure,cgfns,NLE and nclex)and with all honesty, I felt that of all those exams, cgfns is the most difficult...I don't know why but this is what I experienced..Next is the NLE and I should say I got easier questions on the NCLEX..maybe its coincident.What I reviewed on nclex came out on my actual exam which I really thanked GOD for that! It would be easy if you really prepared for it and it would be harder if you didn't...so all I can say....just be PREPARED....
  16. canterbury009

    Waiting time for interview once docs submitted

    packet 4?...I thought packet 4 is the interview right?