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nursejoy1 has 22 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics.

Mother of 17 yr old son and 2 year old son, married 22 years.

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  1. nursejoy1

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I am not saying that she was the sole reason for his emotional state, but she certainly was a big part. And I do agree with you about weak leadership. I had gone to the DON and administrator more than once, but she simply got a slap on the wrist and a "Don't do that". Those of us lower on the ladder tried to run interference, but it wasn't always successful. But I will say that his very poor experience there, and especially with her was a major factor in his deciding to leave healthcare.
  2. nursejoy1

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I don't have a story of a nurse bully, but a CNA. I was Unit manager of an LTC. We had a female CNA who had been there a couple of years. Not the best CNA, slow, kind of lazy and whiny. Always complaining someone was being mean to her. Then there was a young male CNA hired, who did a great job, cared fro the residents and never complained. She immediately hated him. One example of her bullying- The male CNA bought a resident a card for his cell phone, then the resident lost his charger. The CNA came to myself and another supervisor and asked if he could run to his truck to get a charger for the resident. We of course said yes. Within seconds, the female CNA was in the office asking very hatefully where he was going. The other supervisor told her it was none of her business. They were not even partners, she just watched him like a hawk. Another example- We had a lady who had difficulty eating. Her tongue would thrust the food back out of her mouth and the spoon had to be held in a certain position for her to retrieve the food. It took a looooong time to feed her. She liked this young man and would eat for him, but not for the rest of us. So when he was there, he was always assigned to feed her. It usually took approximately 45 mins to an hour, but she ate 100%, when her usual intake was Oh and she also started a rumor that a much older supervisor that became pregnant did so by this young man AT work. What she did not know is that he had had a vasectomy. So that was an impossibility.
  3. nursejoy1

    When Hospice Goes Wrong

    My dad was on hospice and had oral pain meds that took the edge off. He developed a GI bleed and oral meds weren't working for his excruciating pain. When we called hospice, they actually advocated for taking him to the ER where he could more quickly get IV meds. We did so. They stated that he could easily be readmitted to hospice when he came home. I knew that wasn't going to happen and later that same day, my sweet daddy died. But he died free of pain. That was the important thing. I'm so sorry that you had that one horrible nurse. Unfortunately, there are some, who do this job without the heart for it.
  4. nursejoy1

    What do you consider a heavy patient assignment?

    I work at two separate facilities. One has a nurse:resident ratio of 1:24 or 1:28 on day shift, except rehab which is max 1:18. Night shift is max 1:34. The other facility routinely has one nurse for up to 60 residents on night shift and they wonder why they have such high turnover. They have asked me to work nights at the second facility and I absolutely refused. I told them they are putting their nurses' license and their residents' lives on the line.
  5. nursejoy1

    How You Can Lose 50 Pounds In 90 Days

    I did the ketogenic diet and lost quite a bit of weight. Definitely could have done 50 lbs in 90 days, if I had kept at it. I had some personal issues that made it impossible to continue at that time. I fully intend to return to the lifestyle change when I am able. I felt so much better, could think more clearly and did not need as much sleep while on this diet. And one of the huge benefits, for me, was decreased pain and joint stiffness. I have symptoms of a pinched nerve in my left shoulder/arm, with pain extending down to my fingers. I also have arthritis in my left knee and generalized achiness in my joints. I noticed that while eating ketogenically, this pain disappeared. I was so shocked and thought I was imagining it, but my husband even remarked that I had not been complaining of pain in my shoulder and that I was moving better. Now that I have returned to my old way of eating- carbs, carbs and more carbs- this pain and stiffness has returned. I can't wait until my personal situation changes, so that I will again be able to return to, what is for me, the best, healthiest diet.
  6. nursejoy1

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    We have a nursing skills fair every year and a couple of years ago, our respiratory therapist was set up at a table beside mine to check our nurses off on trach care and suctioning. One nurse came from the floor and had her O2 sat monitor in her pocket. While she was demonstrating trach care, she placed the monitor on the mannequin's finger. I heard the RT gasp and say "This dummy has a pulse and a sat" I laughed and she said "No, really." I went over and looked and there really were numbers on the display. I removed the monitor and replaced it on the mannequin's finger again, and again, there were numbers on the readout. It was very weird.
  7. I have dealt with two nurses that have been very hostile to each other for the past two days and I'm sure they have been before now. (I only work this job on weekends) As supervisor, I encouraged them to TALK to each other today and they did. After a long talk they have settled their differences and things are better. Sometimes, that's all it takes. Maybe this nurse was just having a bad day, and maybe she was stressed to be working with the newer nurses.
  8. nursejoy1

    RN-BSN or RN-MSN???? Please help!

    Thank you all for the replies. Definitely all food for thought.
  9. nursejoy1

    I Should Be in Jail

    I want to say thank you to the nurses who are strong enough to be a peds nurse. I know that you all have such a big heart and care for these children like your own. I could never do what you do, because I am not strong enough to deal with what you deal with on a daily basis. I can't imagine the heartbreak you feel. Bless you all.
  10. nursejoy1

    What is the strangest thing...

    I know of a CNA who was stealing Fentanyl patches off of residents and out of the sharps containers. Of course it should say FORMER CNA.
  11. nursejoy1

    Com'on, you got one...What is your heart wrenching moment?

    I have had several as a nurse, but none so terrible as a personal happening. My neice died of SIDS at 15 weeks of age. On the day of her funeral, after she had been interred, my son, who was six at the time, grabbed my arm as we were driving away and begged me to go get her because "you're a nurse, you can fix her." It has been 11 years and that still breaks my heart.
  12. nursejoy1


    A patient whose catheter had eroded though his penis. His penis was split from base to urethral opening on the ventral side. This was not given in transfer report and I found it upon doing his admission assessment.
  13. Actually chlorophyll tablets. I recently had a patient that had an order for these. And I was a CNA way back then too. LOL
  14. nursejoy1

    Sterile water injections - back labor

    I am not an L&D nurse, but it was offered at the hospital where I delivered my son a little over three years ago.
  15. nursejoy1

    Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    From what I read, she states that she had "previously" prescribed Tramadol and at a later time received the call that it had just been made a controlled substance. Not that she prescribed it after it was controlled, not knowing that it had been changed.
  16. nursejoy1

    I need help with the WGU Statistics class

    I am not attending WGU, yet. I have been stalking this forum for a while because of my interest. A friend told me about Quizlet.com (also has an app for phones)This site has student entered terms for thousands of subjects. You can search by subject and school and there are several fro WGU Statistics. You can do a flashcard version, or ply matching games, etc to help you learn. you can also enter your own therm/definitions. Good luck.