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nursejoy1 has 22 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics.

Mother of 17 yr old son and 2 year old son, married 22 years.

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  1. nursejoy1

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I am not saying that she was the sole reason for his emotional state, but she certainly was a big part. And I do agree with you about weak leadership. I had gone to the DON and administrator more than once, but she simply got a slap on the wrist and ...
  2. nursejoy1

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I don't have a story of a nurse bully, but a CNA. I was Unit manager of an LTC. We had a female CNA who had been there a couple of years. Not the best CNA, slow, kind of lazy and whiny. Always complaining someone was being mean to her. Then there was...
  3. nursejoy1

    What do you consider a heavy patient assignment?

    I work at two separate facilities. One has a nurse:resident ratio of 1:24 or 1:28 on day shift, except rehab which is max 1:18. Night shift is max 1:34. The other facility routinely has one nurse for up to 60 residents on night shift and they wonder ...
  4. nursejoy1

    Do you ever resent your job(s)?

    I completely understand your feelings. I work two jobs as well. My primary job is 80+a pay period and my second job is around 20 a pay period. I generally work all but one weekend a month, with two other off days somewhere in there. Lately due to req...
  5. nursejoy1

    Telling Patients/Residents You Love Them?

    I believe this should be an individual choice. I work in LTC and have for many years. I absolutely have had residents that I truly loved, as I had cared for them for years. And I routinely told them so. I also have had residents that thought I was t...
  6. nursejoy1

    Linguistic Pet Peeves

    I knew a guy years ago who actually would say "I seed that"
  7. nursejoy1

    I can do your job, you can't do mine.

    I will agree with one thing the nurse said, she can do your job, you can't do hers. But to me, that means something different. It means she does know how to do your job and should get off of her butt and help you do it. I have seen way too many nurse...
  8. nursejoy1

    How old is too old to become a new RN?

    No age is too old, if you feel that you are physically up to the task. A coworker/friend completed her RN at age 53. That was in 2000. She worked full time for over 10 years and now works PRN. I have another friend who works with me. She has been a n...
  9. In my area, we have one ER that does things like this quite often. the others are much better. The "bad" ER, without fail sends our residents back with a diagnosis of one or more of the flowing- UTI, dehydration or impaction. No matter what we sent t...
  10. nursejoy1

    Stupid things that nurses say

    I was once asked to check to see if a patient's condom cath was in place. I closed the door, pulled the curtain and pulled the leg of his shorts to the side and said, "Looks good to me." He grinned and said, "I know".
  11. nursejoy1

    How long did it take you to take the NCLEX?

    We had access to ATI. I finished in about 45 minutes and had 75 questions.
  12. nursejoy1

    How You Can Lose 50 Pounds In 90 Days

    I did the ketogenic diet and lost quite a bit of weight. Definitely could have done 50 lbs in 90 days, if I had kept at it. I had some personal issues that made it impossible to continue at that time. I fully intend to return to the lifestyle change ...
  13. nursejoy1

    Advice Please

    Thank you. I appreciate your advice. I was thinking that acute care experience might help me with additional knowledge. Good to know that it is not necessary.
  14. nursejoy1

    Would it be best to be a CNA then an RN?

    I was a CNA before becoming a nurse and now teach a CNA program. While it is not necessary to be a CNA first, I feel it does help. Mainly because in your first semester, while others from other types of previous jobs, are getting used to seeing peopl...
  15. nursejoy1

    Advice Please

    I am not currently an NP student, but that is my eventual goal. Likely FNP or geriatric NP. I would love some advice from you all who are actually in the trenches, so to speak, earning the degree I want. I have been a nurse in LTC for 15 years. 9 as ...