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Jahna has 6 years experience and specializes in ER/Trauma.


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  1. Jahna

    How much of Vanderbilt is online?

    I'm giving it some serious thought. Vanderbilt has one of the very few Emergency Nurse Practitioner programs available (outside of post-masters certification). It's actually a dual track FNP/Adult Gero ACN program. The only other program that seems t...
  2. Jahna

    How much of Vanderbilt is online?

    Is there anyone familiar with Vandy who can answer this? I'd like some clarification as well.
  3. Jahna

    Is this common? The new face of the ED

    Same here. The situation at the ER that I work in sounds eerily similar to the original posters' note. We work hard, and the vast majority do actually care and have great bedside manner, even with the most minor of complaints. Yet, it is quite clear ...
  4. Lilarox, I also feel like I have to defend myself. I, too, am an ASN grad and I am currently about halfway through to my BSN. I took this route because the thought of graduating with a mountain of debt produced way too much anxiety for me. As an asid...
  5. Jahna

    Lantus (Insulin Glargine): Scratching The Surface

    Very informative. Thank you!
  6. Jahna


    Thanks for your kind words. I suppose I just couldn't shake the feeling that we're both somehow expected to fail.
  7. Jahna


    I've been asked to orient a nurse to our department who has been a nurse longer than I have and has even been a charge nurse at one point. She has re-located to our area and so now, here we are. Thing is, a few people have worked with her at her old ...
  8. Jahna

    fear of inadequacy

    Most of this stuff will only come through time and experience. The books don't teach you everything. Anyway, I think you should always have a little "fear". It's the cocky ones, who think they know everything, and thereby forget all that's at stake, ...
  9. Jahna

    Organ Donation Opt Out

    Maybe it's just my warped sense of humor, but I found this hilarious on so many levels. Thx.
  10. Jahna

    Loans, interest, decisions, oh my!! Help!

    Might I suggest some options that worked for me: One is called the Workforce Initiative Act. You can inquire about the details at your local Dept. of Labor office. Basically, this program paid for tuition, books, and gave a stipend towards childcare ...
  11. Jahna

    When it's one of your own

    None of us are immune to life and its inevitable end (at least as we know it - for argument's sake), but as an ER nurse, I find it a challenge when it's one of us that's just come in by squad and is now laid up in the trauma room and we all know the ...
  12. i had this one instance of nurse-speak gone wrong. in doing bedside report, the off-going nurse was telling me that the pt was on a "dope" drip. the family member at bedside got offended and said "excuse me?!" it took just a second for me to see wher...
  13. Jahna

    100% pro-life, considering nursing school

    Not intending to start a war here, but "pro-death" is a label that is in fact beginning to circulate as a response to all this health care reform talk. Perhaps you need to do a little reading yourself. I UNDERSTAND what palliative care is all about, ...
  14. Jahna

    100% pro-life, considering nursing school

    You are exactly right. One of the beautiful things about being a nurse is that the field is so varied and you can tailor your career to an area that does not impose on your views, be it pro-life, Jehovah's Witnesses (who oppose the use of blood and b...
  15. Jahna

    Diploma Program a bad idea?

    Once you pass your boards, you are an RN. Like you, I had to consider the finances first. I took an ADN program, passed my boards, and now I am an RN working in the ER and loving every minute. In the next 6 months though, I will be going on to get my...