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bumblebee_nph is a ASN, RN and specializes in E.R,Med.Surg.,Pedia,OB,NICU.

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  1. bumblebee_nph

    Success with Nclex :)

    Congrats...:balloons::balloons::balloons: How did you managed your time in studying? how many hours/day?How many months you study before taking NCLEX..once again congrats
  2. bumblebee_nph

    Hot TIPS for Phil. Board Exam

    sorry,suzanne4,..to ask about this Q's .It's likewise concerning NCLEX(approval & Disapproval) just wanna ask about your opinion regarding this prob.. How The BON particularly evaluating the said requirements (TOR) to be qualified to take NCLEX? I haven't read something once there's reflected failed on the TOR in particularly major nrsg. subj.is one of the cause /reason of DISAPPROVAL(These 2 subj.were already passed after the retake.)i guess reflected failed in TOR doesn't mean a NURSE is already incompetent or whatever... looking forward of your opinion...thanks
  3. bumblebee_nph

    Hesitant..help please...

    That's what i always told him same as your opinion , but he told me " i preferred not to submit "DISAPPROVAL " might be the cause of pain & trouble to me Anyone has known same this problem?and issued illegibility to take NCLEX? just wanna shed light for my friend...plz help
  4. bumblebee_nph

    Hesitant..help please...

    friend of mine, graduated & completed his bsn degree & passed the nle,& he's been working as registered nurse for more than 10 years now. he really wanted to take nclex but felt hesitant to submit his requirements to the bon he wishes to work due to the fact that, his tor has a marked failed in 2 major nursing subjects (funda & medsurg)but able to passed it after retaking.(some health prob.that time,was the reason) my q's to those who can give answere to this confusion...or has same case like my friend. the failure grades that has been reflected on his tor can be the reason of disapproval ??? from the ca brn ?(he wishes to apply for elligibility in ca bon) but hesitant to start & submit his requirements due to his prob.stated above. any input highly appreciated...
  5. bumblebee_nph

    Need you advice!

    You mean to say you need more clinical experience?it's wise idea but just be careful.,as my reminder for you ,once you're not sure or there's confusion in you about Drs. orders always call help/attention from supervisor on duty, no matter some staff will tell ,you don't have enough experience , just answer them ..I'm just playing safe...ok goodluck to you & gemerald...take care always
  6. bumblebee_nph

    Need you advice!

    Puri, Just out of curiosity,..do you know in which area or place in Saudi you'll be assigned?did the employer mention the name of the hospital and in w/c place you'll be working? just let you know that i just resigned from MOH i was assigned at Riyadh 5 hours away from the city.And this hospital was understaff bec.mostly filipino staff left and resigned bec.its a boring place and the chief Nurse is not good to filipino staff.The reason also i left that hospital.
  7. bumblebee_nph

    Need you advice!

    Last April exam. they took questions more on Med.& Surgical (Nrsg. Care Post- op) I could PM you but Im not sure if these questions will be coming out again.,the time you'll take.They were taking question in all areas.Infact,in Psych.one came out about Schezhophrenia.
  8. bumblebee_nph

    practice tests

    Ladyrn just now i've read your question to jessil 106 .about kaplan online & the Q-Bank,were you ableto get info frm her?bec me too i wanted to know but i can't find post here regarding that question.Would you mind to share if you get info about kaplan. Thanks,looking forward for it.
  9. bumblebee_nph

    Saudi- MOH

    gemerald ,one year renewable as I told you earlier and if you heard more than that so it's not MOH.,about the exam SAUDI COUNCIL sooooooooo basic need not to study. Trust me
  10. bumblebee_nph

    Need you advice!

    I dunno,I haven't heard something like that in MOH but in some private agency.
  11. bumblebee_nph

    Need you advice!

    you're WELCOME..
  12. bumblebee_nph

    Need you advice!

    There's no problem ,if you have that decision infact,many Nurses working under MOH at K.S.A... mostly MOH has only one (1) year contract & renewble yearly.I knew some Nurses while waiting same as your plan & at the same time they're working at K.S.A. and i guess its not wise to tell the employer regarding your application (U.S ) just don't open any topic that you're only waiting for an approval.,what you have to do is read carefully what is written on the contract before signing.What i've learned once you're w/ them then after that ,its your choice to extend or not.