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Hesitant..help please...


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friend of mine, graduated & completed his bsn degree & passed the nle,& he's been working as registered nurse for more than 10 years now. he really wanted to take nclex but felt hesitant to submit his requirements to the bon he wishes to work due to the fact that, his tor has a marked failed in 2 major nursing subjects (funda & medsurg)but able to passed it after retaking.(some health prob.that time,was the reason)

my q's to those who can give answere to this confusion...or has same case like my friend.

the failure grades that has been reflected on his tor

can be the reason of disapproval ??? from the ca brn ?(he wishes to apply for elligibility in ca bon) but hesitant to start & submit his requirements due to his prob.stated above.

any input highly appreciated...;)

Silverdragon102, BSN

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I doubt he will have any problems but the only way to find out is to apply for licensure with the BON and let them make the decision

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That's what i always told him same as your opinion , but he told me " i preferred not to submit "DISAPPROVAL " might be the cause of pain & trouble to me

Anyone has known same this problem?and issued illegibility to take NCLEX? just wanna shed light for my friend...plz help

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