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GreenEyedNurse has 14 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, Infectious Disease, Hospice.

34 year old married mother of 1. Patient Care Coordinator of 30 bed med-surg telemetry unit

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  1. Christiana in Wilmington

    Contact HR and they can tell you all about the internships offered there. I know there is an ED internship, OR internship, Critical care internship and NICU internship (although I hear that one is nearly impossible to get into). I've worked at Wilmin...
  2. Can you tell me anything about Delaware?

    Born and bred New Castle County Delawarian. There are some great places to live here. There are some bad parts of the city, but nothing like NY! (My husband is from NY...we visit often) The schools are eh, OK. There is a lot to do with kids. I'm in...
  3. Starting Salary At Christiana For New Grads

    Christiana Care is a great place to work. There endless options as to what you may want to do there. I worked at Wilmington Hospital for 7 years and left for 3 to work for private practice. I went back to Wilmington because I missed the bedside. I...
  4. Greetings Delaware Nurses ---Stop in and say helloooooo

    Hello everyone! I'm a PCC at Christiana Care. Is anyone still hanging around?
  5. Hourly Rounding / Walking Reports

    Hi, I'm new to these boards and found it while doing a search about hourly rounding. I'm a patient care coordinator of a 30 bed med-surg unit. I mostly function as a floating charge nurse, but often due to staffing issues, I take a full 5 patient a...