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full time nursing student,wife & mom to my son Cory 19 yrs old

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  1. student-with-no-life

    do you check after your nursing assistants?

    I totally understand about checking on your CNA. Because of the lazy CNA's on midnights I have chosen to find a new job. These aids come in at 10:30p and first thing they do is grab a chair and sit! Only time they do rounds is if someone puts on a call light. They will do their "rounds" about 4am---when myself or other nurses confront them they get in our face and go nuts - and just go off the handle. we have complained and complained about them and NOTHING is done. so I am sick of it and have found a job else where. And I love it when they sit and say "im not losing my license over that" I sit and shake my head---they actually think they have a "license" I was asked the other day what could be done--I said fire them all and get some CNA that actually want to work. I have to walk my rooms and check on everyone and see who needs changed etc. because they are to wrapped up in sitting and talking trash in their ghetto talk. I can't even correct them on the language they use because they just say whatever and continue. Im tired of working someplace where I have NO authority.
  2. student-with-no-life

    so tired of learning things on the go

    that would work BUT - our reports are taped and as soon as I get to the desk I barely have time to take my coat off they are ready to do count and out the door they go. I hate taped reports for the simple fact you can't ask a tape recorder a question.
  3. student-with-no-life

    so tired of learning things on the go

    I now am working in LTC 7p-7a, I have 36 residents I am responsible for. I got a whole week of orientation which did not cover near what I am to know, when it comes to paper work. So in my part of the building at night there are 2 nurses to cover 70 residents. I still do NOT have the paper work down. I have asked for help and I get "oh do this,it will all come to you". Well last night I did not understand how to finish off some orders the day nurse left. And of course I do not even look at these orders till Im done with a med pass. NOTHING was said to me in report about stopping a drug, and after I was done with med pass, and sending a "R" out to the hospital, hanging two new TF, and finishing my other charting, I look at the new orders and it says to DC tranzodone. So this morning when the same nurse who left all this for me comes in and sees I did not do the new orders, she got all ****** off and went to the DON. Well I get a phone call and I explain, #1 she did not give me a heads up about the DC, #2 I could not read half of her writing and the supervisor that night said for me not to do it, to leave it for her in the morning, #3 that I am still learning as I go because NOBODY can seem to take 5 minutes and write done a policy on how to do orders!!! I have asked and asked I need more help with the paper work and it seems to fall on deaf ears. I just started school for my RN, I want to get back into the hospital, this place is so close to home (1 mile) I thought it was a good idea at the time.
  4. student-with-no-life

    dialysis and blood clot question

    PP is very very faint, she is not a diabetic, last night her leg was "leaking" there was drainage all night long. I wrapped the leg last night she was concerned of getting drainage all over the sheets. passed info along in report. we all seem to be in agreement she needs a ct on the legs. they are AWFUL. thanks for the input
  5. student-with-no-life

    dialysis and blood clot question

    I have a "R" who is on dialysis and her feet are extremely swollen, no pitting, looks like they will split open. red and purplish in color. well last night the L foot up to mid shin was extremely red, warm to touch. actually had a red ring around shin. looked like she was wearing a red sock. she was in extreme pain and was itching her awful bad. my question is, isn't itching a symptom of a clot in people on dialysis? something about the changes in the phosphorus in the body. i called the doc, who was covering for her regular doc and he put her on augmentin 500 BID. I personally think she needs her leg checked out with a doppler, which we don't have.
  6. student-with-no-life

    Hope I made the right choice

    I actually got a phone call today from a local hospital. they said they will be calling me next week for an interview when the LPN recruiter is back from vacation. so keep you fingers crossed.
  7. student-with-no-life

    Hope I made the right choice

    thank you so much for all the kind words. makes me feel so much more better. I am glad I got the experience. And I can't wait to get back in the hospital and learn more, just with a much shorter drive.
  8. student-with-no-life

    Hope I made the right choice

    Ive been working for the past 5 months as a med/surg nurse at a hospital that is one hour and fifteen minute drive one way for me. I got this job and started it right after graduation. I work 7p - 7a and by the time I clock out and get on the road I find myself drifting at times. Also this hospital is in a very very bad area and most of my patients are drug addicts and are frequent flyers. So I decided to get something close to home. So I got a PRN job at a LTC right down the road maybe a mile and I took a position for a healthcare staffing agency that has contracts for all the local hospitals. So Im hoping this was the right choice, I believe it was. Now I don't have to leave for work almost 2 hours early and I can stay awake on the drive home. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh ya another factor was Im starting school in October to go on for my RN.
  9. student-with-no-life

    admission question

    that was my understanding as well. I don't have a problem doing them I have a problem that NO RN even looks at the paper work or the patient to sign off on anything. I do the admission and the assessment and where it says RN signature I leave it blank. One RN said to me how am I suppose to take care of my 8 patients and cover you for your 8 patients and do your admit. I got kinda rude and said well how much more are you getting paid than me? And the ONLY thing different you do than me on THIS floor is push meds? And that is the truth, I do everything an RN can do, BUT push meds and then its like Im asking them to give up their lives to help me. I thought this hospital was SUPPOSE to be team nursing. LOL well you can tell Im a new grad. Like I had a patient miss the toilet and he urinated on the floor. I was getting ready to page house keeping and I was told at that moment house keeping does not clean up urine. I had to do it - I laughed and said I don't think so - we have NO mop on our floor they wanted me to use towels. I paged house keeping, I believe thats their job description. I had to transfer a patient to isolation, get a blood transfusion ready and sit with that patient for 15 minutes, and I had a new admit on their way in 20 minutes. I will be talking to my DON this week - whenever I can see her - I work 12's nights - and I think Ive seen my DON once in the past month.
  10. student-with-no-life

    admission question

    well I do the assessment and the HX. where I live LPN's cannot do the admission, but here I am doing them. I will talk to my DON -thank you
  11. student-with-no-life

    admission question

    first off Hi everybody, been reading but have not posted in awhile. heres my question. Im a LPN who works on a very busy med surg floor. Now we have an admission nurse until 03:00, then we are on our own, and like this week she is on vacation. I noticed the admission papers I use say right along the bottom of the page RN signature. Well Im a LPN how can I do an admission when it requires a RN signature? I was always told in a hospital setting an LPN can not do an admission or a discharge. right now Im confused I just need some sugestions and guidance on this. Thank you
  12. student-with-no-life

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    I don't care how good of a DR he is, what position he holds, what he did is called assault. I would call the police on him and file charges. You know the hospital will protect him, this is WRONG. He has NO business laying a finger on you. CALL THE POLICE, file a report with the hospital, don't let him get away with this.
  13. student-with-no-life

    when do you get use to

    No my son is 20 and out of the house now. But I have 5 dogs and 2 of them are inside and they wake me up to go out. Then my husband gets up and in the process wakes me up too. Of course he gets to take a nap later because he works 11-7 shift. I do not drink coffee, and where I work they have NO candy bars in the vending machines, none, its a health thing . I do not take a nap at all - I did find someplace to sit back and prop up my feet and close my eyes for 15. Think I might try an energy bar or drink and see if that helps. Thanks for the advice.
  14. student-with-no-life

    when do you get use to

    working twelves at night? this is my first week working 7p - 7a and I am beat. I was barely able to keep my eyes open last night (this morning), then the drive home which is a hour drive for me. I go to sleep when I get home about 9a and wake up about 2p then leave for work at 5:30p. And at 3a I am hitting a break wall. does it get better? and how long does it take?
  15. student-with-no-life

    anybody else have this problem

    new job is going great, Im getting the computer charting down, my problem now is knowing who the doc's are and being able to pronounce their names and understand what they say when they talk.We are a teaching hospital and we have a TON of foreign doctors and their english is very hard to understand. anybody else have this problem? I hope I can get their names right pf course by then it will be time for the new doc's to come in and take their place.
  16. student-with-no-life

    Vital Signs and the Nursing Asst

    our STNA's do the VS. We do them before passing a BP med, pre-op, or if anything comes up abnormal and need to recheck it. I really appreciate the aids, they do make our job go a little smoother. Thank you!!!

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