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full time nursing student,wife & mom to my son Cory 19 yrs old

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  1. student-with-no-life

    do you check after your nursing assistants?

    I totally understand about checking on your CNA. Because of the lazy CNA's on midnights I have chosen to find a new job. These aids come in at 10:30p and first thing they do is grab a chair and sit! Only time they do rounds is if someone puts on a call light. They will do their "rounds" about 4am---when myself or other nurses confront them they get in our face and go nuts - and just go off the handle. we have complained and complained about them and NOTHING is done. so I am sick of it and have found a job else where. And I love it when they sit and say "im not losing my license over that" I sit and shake my head---they actually think they have a "license" I was asked the other day what could be done--I said fire them all and get some CNA that actually want to work. I have to walk my rooms and check on everyone and see who needs changed etc. because they are to wrapped up in sitting and talking trash in their ghetto talk. I can't even correct them on the language they use because they just say whatever and continue. Im tired of working someplace where I have NO authority.
  2. student-with-no-life

    Hope I made the right choice

    I actually got a phone call today from a local hospital. they said they will be calling me next week for an interview when the LPN recruiter is back from vacation. so keep you fingers crossed.
  3. student-with-no-life

    Hope I made the right choice

    thank you so much for all the kind words. makes me feel so much more better. I am glad I got the experience. And I can't wait to get back in the hospital and learn more, just with a much shorter drive.
  4. student-with-no-life

    Hope I made the right choice

    Ive been working for the past 5 months as a med/surg nurse at a hospital that is one hour and fifteen minute drive one way for me. I got this job and started it right after graduation. I work 7p - 7a and by the time I clock out and get on the road I find myself drifting at times. Also this hospital is in a very very bad area and most of my patients are drug addicts and are frequent flyers. So I decided to get something close to home. So I got a PRN job at a LTC right down the road maybe a mile and I took a position for a healthcare staffing agency that has contracts for all the local hospitals. So Im hoping this was the right choice, I believe it was. Now I don't have to leave for work almost 2 hours early and I can stay awake on the drive home. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh ya another factor was Im starting school in October to go on for my RN.
  5. student-with-no-life

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    I don't care how good of a DR he is, what position he holds, what he did is called assault. I would call the police on him and file charges. You know the hospital will protect him, this is WRONG. He has NO business laying a finger on you. CALL THE POLICE, file a report with the hospital, don't let him get away with this.
  6. student-with-no-life

    anybody else have this problem

    new job is going great, Im getting the computer charting down, my problem now is knowing who the doc's are and being able to pronounce their names and understand what they say when they talk.We are a teaching hospital and we have a TON of foreign doctors and their english is very hard to understand. anybody else have this problem? I hope I can get their names right pf course by then it will be time for the new doc's to come in and take their place.
  7. student-with-no-life

    Vital Signs and the Nursing Asst

    our STNA's do the VS. We do them before passing a BP med, pre-op, or if anything comes up abnormal and need to recheck it. I really appreciate the aids, they do make our job go a little smoother. Thank you!!!
  8. student-with-no-life

    I have a question to ask.......

    on my floor we see a lot of alcohol & cocaine abusers, as well as the nursing home patients. The hospital is not in a good section of town and most of our patients are poor or homeless. I believe this is going to be a good learning experience for me. Thank you for your responses.
  9. student-with-no-life

    I have a question to ask.......

    Ok - I am a fresh new grad, and I have a position on a Med Surg floor. I was always told the only stupid question you ask is one that you don't ask at all. Well heres my question, I keep reading all these negative comments on working on a Med Surg floor. What exactly am I getting myself into? Why do so many people hate it? So far I enjoy it, true its all new to me and all that might change. I will be working 7p-7a when I get done with my orientation. Is this a bad shift? What can I expect? Thank you in advance for any guidance.
  10. student-with-no-life

    I would like to say

    Thanks everybody - all I can say is I am so glad I am off the 7-3 shift, I don't do mornings very well and I have to leave my house by 5:45am to get to work in time, next week I am on the 3-11 shift then I hope to start my twelves(7p-7a) in a couple of weeks. I feel very fortunate to have this position, now just to learn the computer system where what paper goes where and all will be good.
  11. student-with-no-life

    I would like to say

    "Thank You". This has been my first full week on the floor as a LPN. And the place and the people I work with are fantastic. What I love the most is there is NO hang up on LPN/RN thing. And today we have students (RN) come to the floor and one of the students was assigned to a LPN (this is their first clinical round) and the student went to the instructor and said " the Nurse you assigned me to is JUST a LPN", I was so happy to hear the instructor tell the student she was going to have to stop - that, that LPN is a NURSE and she can learn a lot from us. It felt so good to heat that - and I am sooooo happy I got a job somewhere where we all seem to get along, and I got my FIRST paycheck as a Nurse today and it made my day!!!!!!!
  12. student-with-no-life

    I was thinking April 1st was not a good day

    I would like to change my user name , BUT I don't believe you are permitted to do so. I would like to change it to "Angel -N- Disguise"
  13. student-with-no-life

    I was thinking April 1st was not a good day

    to take my NCLEX-PN. I did not feel good about the test after I took it. Thought for sure I would be taking it again in May for a second time. BUT I found out today after checking the nursing board website every 30 minutes - that I actually passed!!!! So its official - and I start my new job Monday. It feels wonderful, I want to tell everybody I see.
  14. student-with-no-life

    Lpn Or Ma

    LPN's are not being phased out - in fact LPN's are be given more duties to help fill the gap. I started as a MA and went on for my LPN - you are not a Nurse as a MA - and your opportunities are limited as a MA - it was harder to find a job (here in Ohio) as a MA than a Nurse. get your LPN then decide if you want to go on for your RN - and have somebody else pay for it.
  15. student-with-no-life

    Med question

    thanks everyone - my studying is going pretty good - but who knows what shape I'll be in mentally when I sit for the test. I have a job waiting for me so I REALLY need to pass. I just graduated with a 3.64 GPA but that doesn't mean squat.
  16. student-with-no-life

    Med question

    Not sure if I can post this here or not - Im taking my PN NCLEX April 1st (yes April Fools Day) and Ive been studying about 4 hours a day, my question is.....What drugs do you suggest I focus on learning? Thanks for your help.