dialysis and blood clot question


I have a "R" who is on dialysis and her feet are extremely swollen, no pitting, looks like they will split open. red and purplish in color.

well last night the L foot up to mid shin was extremely red, warm to touch. actually had a red ring around shin. looked like she was wearing a red sock. she was in extreme pain and was itching her awful bad. my question is, isn't itching a symptom of a clot in people on dialysis? something about the changes in the phosphorus in the body.

i called the doc, who was covering for her regular doc and he put her on augmentin 500 BID. I personally think she needs her leg checked out with a doppler, which we don't have.


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Uremia causes itching and is fairly common with dialysis patients. Sounds like she might have cellulitis also. Can you palpate pulses in that leg? That would give you an idea of blood flow? If she is a diabetic she could have poor circulation and neuropathy also. Just a couple things that poped into my head?!


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PP is very very faint, she is not a diabetic, last night her leg was "leaking" there was drainage all night long. I wrapped the leg last night she was concerned of getting drainage all over the sheets. passed info along in report.

we all seem to be in agreement she needs a ct on the legs. they are AWFUL.

thanks for the input

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