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  1. margiesan

    Helen Fuld

    On one of the threads here regarding Helene Fuld, I've read that some exceptions have been made regarding LPN working experience (some is better than none) - why don't you just schedule an appointment with a councelor there and see if you can be admitted. Sometimes, if they don't have enough students, they might accept you. Wouldn't hurt to ask or try.
  2. margiesan

    Best Way to Apply for Jobs?

    There's no strategy. Just apply apply apply. There's lots of jobs posted online, grab the local papers and the ones with just ads on them, google all the types of facilities (nursing homes, assisted living, etc) you'd like to work in around your area, go in and fill out an application - be prepared to get interviewed on the spot and even get hired (applying in person is perhaps the best way). During the interview process, tell them your availability and it's up to them to work around it (I'm sure they'll accomodate since most places are hungry for CNAs.) Good luck!
  3. margiesan

    where can I get nursing scrubs in Manhattan?

    The uniform store Minnielynn was talking about is B&R Uniforms and they moved. It's now on 2nd Ave between 24th and 25th st. I think they're the only scrub shop in the city, if you can believe it. New York city and ONE scrub shop!
  4. margiesan

    Just graduated and now Charge with 60 pts!

    Also, Like you said, VIVABONITA, I give out the meds/tx. I actually have a med aid to help me. Can you talk more about your experiences as a new nurse in LTC? I've never been in a supervisor position before, so I'm just a little nervous about that. Also, any DOs and DON'Ts?
  5. margiesan

    Just graduated and now Charge with 60 pts!

    Oh no, I'm not supervising the other nurses! lol I guess I'm only "charge nurse" in my unit. My preceptor repeatedly said to me that I should never hesitate to call for help or assistance from the other nurses. I guess I'm the "warm body" that they needed. I will tell them that I will not feel comfortable with inadequate training.
  6. I'm a recent grad and got my LVN license a month ago and I finally got a job at this nursing home. I'm training to be the charge nurse in a unit with 60 pts(!). That's seems like a bit much to me, but that's ok - I'm up for a challenge. At least my colleagues are nice. I'm just a little trepidatious. My preceptors say they won't just leave me alone and that they realize that this is my first job as a nurse and it will take some time to get to know all my pts. I've never been in charge of anyone before and I don't want to be bossy. I was hoping for some or a lot of advice in working at a nursing home and being the charge, delegating, dealing with family, dealing with tired and entrenched co-workers, pts who keep seeing things that aren't there (lol), pts who won't let you touch them, etc. I'm most worried about those emergency situations and people are going to look to me to do something...
  7. margiesan

    needing advice, desperate to pass the nclex-pn

    How are you studying? Test taking anxieties? I found that reviewing test taking skills really helped and remember the fundamentals (like ABCs, Mazlow's Heirarchy of Needs, etc). Take 2-3 review books and read up on the test taking strategies (they're usually the first chapter). Try to do as many questions as you can to get your brain in the right mode. If you passed nursing school, there's not much more you will learn unless you cheated your way through. Eat a hearty breakfast and get enough sleep, be there early and stay relaxed. Also, don't over think the questions. When I was doing review questions, I realized that my initial guess was usually right - so go with your gut instinct. I also found it helpful that a friend kept encouraging me and telling me that I was smart and had no doubt about me passing. So, Scorpion, You're a very smart person, I have faith that you will pass the next time you take your exam. Good Luck!
  8. margiesan

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    Thank You so much determined1! That's really helpful. I would have considered Excelsior but there seems to be some problems if you want to work in California. I'm going to NY now, but I'm going to CA someday.
  9. margiesan

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    Determined and Rosienurse, thank you for posting. I have some questions. What is the passing grade? Do you have to be on or above the passing grade throughout the semester or do they evaluate your grade at the end of the semester? For example, if you're bomb on one test but you score high on the following tests to pull your grade up by the end of the semester. I also had a question about the CLEP course. Do you need to worry about that if you have credits for say Intro to Psych? Also, what was the pre-entrance exam like? Is that separate from the Chemistry/Math Challenge test? If you took the challenge, what was it like? Lastly, for alumn and current students of HF, do you know where I can find a list of health care facilities that provide tuition reimbursement for HF? Any info would be great.
  10. If you have a degree in another industry can you put that on your title? For example, I have a Bachelor of Arts (in film studies) and I just received my LVN license, can I put My Name, LVN., BA. on my resume?
  11. If you have a degree in another industry can you put that on your title? For example, I have a Bachelor of Arts (in film studies) and I just received my LVN license, can I put My Name, LVN., BA. on my resume?
  12. margiesan

    Hospitals that reimburse tuition

    I just posted a topic about this and then I see this topic! I just graduated LVN school and will take my boards soon. I'm in Dallas, TX right now but I plan to move to Manhattan within the year. I'm basically in the same boat as Willeford because I want to go to Helene Fuld. If anyone has anymore info, please post or pm me! Thank You!
  13. Never mind, someone already started a thread with the same idea here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f164/hospitals-reimburse-tuition-202092.html Below is my original post: I skimmed through the past 5 pages of this thread and didn't see a topic about this. I'm planning to move to Manhattan within the year and I want to attend an lvn/lpn-rn program. The one I'm looking at is Helene Fuld in Harlem. I just graduated LVN school and will take my nclex soon. I know I need 1 year work experience and all that. My question though is, which hospitals or health care facilities in NYC have programs that will reimburse my tuition to Helene Fuld? I went on the school site but it did not list schools and I coudn't find anything on google. Thanks in advance! By the way, if you have any info on Helene Fuld, please post or pm me. I'd like to know what it's like.
  14. margiesan

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    Just bumping this thread. I just finished lvn school. I know I have to work for at least 1 year before applying here but I really want to attend this school. Any graduates or current students, please talk about your experiences here, I'd really appreciate it. BTW, what are the facilities like? Neighborhood? Is it pretty safe when you take the bus or subway home after the 9pm class?
  15. margiesan

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    Heh, that's funny. I'm pretty good at the "yes, m'am" reply and have put it to good use with my lvn instructors. It's so funny how hard it is for some students to make the connection that constantly challenging the almighty instructor is only gonna piss them off and make it harder for you. If you do one thing wrong they will crucify you for it, but if you're on their good side, they sure are a lot easier on you. Is there anyone currently enrolled who can talk about their experience in Helene Fuld? Any good places to study around the neighborhood?
  16. margiesan

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing

    I just wanted to bump this thread because I'm interested in this school. I'm in the middle of my lvn(lpn) program in Texas and would like to go to a bridge asap. But anyway, can anyone talk about the neighborhood and the subway ride from UES? I lived in UES for some time a couple of years ago so I'm familiar with the subway but I never usually went above the 90s on the 6 train. Can you work part time while enrolled full time? Is it 5 days a week?