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  1. what to do with it? i had 2 phone calls already and every time they would call me i am still sleeping like they would call around 9. i know it's my fault being not an early bird but since i just woke up my mind is still not functioning. any advice on...
  2. hi guys! help please...i just passed the nclex exam and i am on the hunt for a job. i would like to work in ICU but i don't think they accept newly grads without experience and according to my friends i have to complete special classes for ICU in ord...
  3. i'm dying awaiting my results!

    ivy, we are in the same boat. i took my exams last july 30 and up to now i still don't have my results with me..i am already anxious of my results. i cant eat nor sleep. everday i check the mailboc only to disaappoint my self. i tried to call them an...
  4. Has anyone with 75 ?'s failed???!!!

    my 1st exam stopped at 75 and i failed. my 2nd exam just a while ago also stopped at 75, so right now i don't know what to think. i got the last question wrong. my 1st exam i don't have any select all that apply while on my 2nd exam i had 3 i think a...
  5. what is NRRR? what does it mean?

    i think these abbreviations are only used in the philippines..i guess? it is my cousin's assignment...
  6. can somebody help me. what does the abbreviation NRRR means?? i can't find it over the internet..help please..
  7. thanks for all the answers...it is my cousin's assignment and yes i have encountered that NRRR but i can't remember it anymore, my bad so thanks for all the help! hope we can figure that out.
  8. thank you so much for the help...i wonder what's that NRRR?? thanks again..
  9. Does anybody know what the abbreviations NRRR, BAIAE, BPN mean i have already searched over the internet but still i can't find it...can somebody help me...thanks!!!
  10. Need Help with Abbreviations, Medical Terminology

    Does anybofy what NRRR, BAIAE, BPN i have already searshed over the internet but still i can't find it...can somebody help me...thanks!!!