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  1. lilygood

    Deer in the headlights

    i wud say...do saunders n kaplan.....master your content n then attend a kaplan course
  2. lilygood


    I used kaplan complete and saunders....pased with 75 Q's last tuesday......I wud say saunders for content review and kaplan for critical thinking..............it worked for me and it's a great combo...all the best!
  3. lilygood


    has anyone out there heard of Placement agency called Rn India.......if u have tried them or know anything about them pls reply back....help will be appreciated.
  4. lilygood

    minnesota board of nursing

    Thank u so much suzanne.....U ROCK.....!!
  5. lilygood

    minnesota board of nursing

    guys i gave my test yesterday and it says "passed" on minnesota board of nursing. but i still doesn't have any liscence nos isued/................ok what i really need to know is.....am i really passed or it can be a mistake? pls respond
  6. lilygood

    testing tomorrow

    Thanks a lot
  7. lilygood

    testing tomorrow

    quick q for anyone who's sure of the answer: in kaplan q trainer there's a q that says a staff member with shingles can take care of the patients n a diff q where it says they cannot take care of patients as they are immunosupressed.......can a nurse with shingles take care of patients????? i'm testing tomorrow morning, pls keep me in your prayers......will let u guys know how it went tomorrow! thanks
  8. lilygood

    ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO LEARN PHARM and age appropriate toys?

    do u have an easy way to remember childhood immunizations and the time period when they need to be given......I'm having a hard time memorizing these things also....for infection control- do have a list of diseases that goes with resp precautions, droplet and contact precautions......if u want i can share some with u......what do u thk?
  9. lilygood

    New member

    all my best wishes r with u ..I'm testing on tuesday the 11th and inspite of studying like crazy for past 2-3 months, feel so scared. just want to give it my best shot, I'll try my best n wish u the same....do keep me too in your prayers guys.....god bless us all. what r u reviewing today n tomorrow.....?
  10. lilygood

    testing on 09-11-07

    thank u...appreciate it a lot
  11. lilygood

    testing on 09-11-07

    guys i'm testing on 11th sept tuesday! any word of advice from the people who have already tested and passed will be greatly appreciated. pls pray for me god bless
  12. lilygood

    who feels READY before going in

    do u guys really feel ready 100% before going in for nclex; my exam is just a week away and i can feel my heart pounding while i'm sleeping....i have been preparing for past 2.5 months, just wanted to feel better by venting it out and hoping to find others who share the same feeling! god bless us all
  13. lilygood

    I PASSED NCLEX and it's my Birthday!!

    what a great day for u....congrats on u'r success n happy B'day
  14. lilygood

    Done with Kaplan question trainer #7!

    graves and myxedema- opposites cushing and addison- oppo diabetes insipidus and SIADH opposites can't thk of anymore right now....but i'm sure there r more.....just got done with 400 Q since morning.....can't thk of anything rg now!
  15. lilygood

    Nclex Meds

    they give both tradeand generic names on NCLEX...for sure
  16. lilygood

    triage------pls explain

    thanks for explaining it out so clearly....really got it now!