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  1. Orenda

    Very mad but most of all humiliation

    Thanks everyone. I refused to write the letter and told her that the day shift is responsible for it not me. I don't know what she thinks about it. She said she will check with the day shift nurse and get back with me.
  2. Just need a place to vent out all of this. The day shift nurse forgot to do an order and as a night shift nurse I picked up the mess. I called the doctor to verified the order and was written up for it. The next day my nurse manager wants me to either come and apologized to the doctor or write an apology letter to him. Did they ever apology to me when they were being rude or yell at me in front of my patients???? I am so mad that I cannot control my emotion. It is such a humiliation. If you were me would you do it?
  3. Orenda

    ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor

    Don't be too nervous about the test. I found ATI predictor test very easy and not trustable. I know many friends in nursing school who didn't pass the ATI predictor but passed NCLEX. My advice to you is to do the unproctored test that the school provided. Go through the list of what you need to know more and go to the ATI book read it!!! I did it and got a very good score on all the ATI in nursing school. I thought the ATI tests were based solely on their books. Good luck.
  4. Orenda

    How long did it take you to get NCLEX results?

    I got my result within a day by checking the website of my state board of nursing. I paid about $3 to get the result. I took my test through Pearson Vue so I can also check on their website by paying approximately $12.
  5. Orenda

    Nursing home (random thought)

    I'm not sure if it's me or because of the nursing home. I had volunteer and work at several nursing home before going to nursing school; in nursing school, we did clinical in several nursing homes too. All of the nursing homes were so dirty, way..way...understaff and the residents were suffering. I love working with old people but seeing all of these just disgusted me. I do not want to work in the nursing home or ever want to live in nursing home when I'm old. What is wrong with our nursing home system? Is there anything we as nurses can help? I'm afraid we maybe them one day.
  6. Orenda

    NCLEX ? in different states

    NCLEX is a national test. I have a friend registered in Colorado and she moved to California, all she did was just registered with the California board of nursing and pay the money to be licensed in California. Good luck with school.
  7. Wow. I just saw it on NBC today and was going to ask everyone what is their opinion about the result of the case. I got freak out when I heard it. I'm a new nurse and had given Phenergen through IV before. Many patients complained of pain when Phenergen was going through their IV sites but I did not know Phenergen is acidic. I was wondering if anyone know any websites where they will alert nurses about any drug's news?
  8. Orenda

    Can an RN school hold your transcripts....

    I heard of school holding transcript because you owed them money but never heard of holding transcript if you are not getting a passing score on ATI comprehensive. Unless the ATI comprehensive is part of the teaching plan required by the state board of nursing like hours of clinical or passing grade in classes. I'm sorry but I don't think it is legally required by the state board of nursing. Best of luck to you.
  9. Orenda

    needlestick from hep c and HIV + patient

    Last semester, my instructor shared with the students about her story of getting stuck by a HIV needle more than ten years ago. She followed all the procedure and report to the hospital health nurse. She had to take the HIV medications and went through many tests since they cannot confirm whether she is negative or positive years later. She said one thing you can do is to take the medication as prescribed. If you take the medication as prescribed and did all the tests, the chance of getting HIV is very small as shared above by other people. One thing she mentioned was by wearing the gloves at the moment it helped too. Gloves is acting as your first skin barrier and it can prevent some of the blood from getting into your skin. She is very healthy and test negative for HIV.
  10. Orenda

    so it's not okay to show emotion in clinical?

    Thank you everyone for your comments. If I'm a nurse I would reacted differently because I believe I am more experienced in term of where I stand on certain sensitive issues. As for now, I'm still sorting out where my stand is on this issue.
  11. Orenda

    so it's not okay to show emotion in clinical?

    I think the nurse was upset because I refused to help with the extubation and my clinical was upset about how I reacted to the situation.
  12. It was one of my clinical rotation at a hospital and the patient was a 60yr old male who got into the car accident three days ago. The doctors recommended the family to removed the life support because he is not going to recovered. The family finally decided to removed the life support. As a nursing student following the nurse, the nurse asked me to removed the intubation tube with her. I was shock to find out I have to do it. I explained to her that I do not think I am ready to do this act. I'm not sure whether to believe it is right to removed the tube on him. I don't know if I have violated my belief. The nurse went and talked to my clinical instructor. My clinical instructor came and talked to me. I explained to her that I am shock to see they decided to removed the tube after three days. I also told her that I do not think my religion allowed the act of removing the tube. The instructor said she does not understand why I am so emotional. She then later asked a chaplain to come and talk to me in person about my feeling. I felt as if I have done something very wrong. Did I behaved inappropriate in this situation?
  13. I want to give you a big HUG!!!!
  14. Orenda

    NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing?????

    I have the same question as you too. I worked at Wal-mart and Home Depot while going to nursing school and my supervisors said you have to take a 15 minutes break for every four hours you are working. If the employee is not taking the break, the company can be fined for not letting their employees taking break. I wonder why nurses working 12 hours shift is only allow 30 minutes break and that's it. Is the rule different for hospital compared to retail businesses?
  15. Orenda

    Need some advice

    I was doing clinical on this floor with my fellow students. The nurse managers came by and talked to us about wanting to hired us. We really want to work on this floor because it's a great floor to work. We learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. After that a few weeks later she told us she is trying to get more positions for us because it was kind of full. She said to wait and not to accept any job offer from other places. A week later, she called and offered most of my fellow students a job except me. I was wondering if I should call and talk to her to see what's going on? I was a little upset because everyone got the job except me. It made me feel so bad and wondering what I did wrong to not get the job. Please give me some advice on whether I should call and ask her. I know she never promised anything to me but I really want to clarification.
  16. Orenda

    pay in ks for a new grad/young nurse

    I know Wesley and Via Christi are starting out at 19.01 plus shift differential, night and weekend.