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  1. ariannasmom

    CNA Clinicals

    I am on my 4th day of CNA clinicals and the CNA that we are working with has been having us answer all the call lights on our own why they do other things. Is this normal to leave students to attend to pts on their own? I would think this would be unsafe as do not know anything about these pts, not to mention the majority of them have breathing tubes? I thought clinicals was considered a training experience? Am I mistaken? Also, I have noticed that ALOT of the CNA's and nurses do not have any respect for the pts. I have witnessed pts getting yelled at for getting out of bed. And a lot of the CNA's talk about the patients right in front of them. For example, one was telling us that there are some pts that you can get away with a lot more things because they don't have family to check on them and the pt was right there. Are all facilities like this? I just can't stop thinking about how rude these CNA's are to pts.
  2. ariannasmom

    Second day of clinical and paranoid is this normal?

    Thank you all for the comments. Lots of very usefull information. I did notice that a lot of the cna's at the facility were not doing as much as they could. Thanks again!!
  3. This was my 2nd day for CNA clinicals and I was wondering if it's normal to be paranoid about germs? I have been washing my hands every chance I get, use tons of sanitizer, shower when I get home, and wear gloves for everything. Is this normal or do I have a bit of OCD? Will I ever get over this? I have children so I don't want to bring anything home to my family. How common is it to catch something while working in the health care field? This is all so new to me. Also, I have noticed that the place where I am doing my clinicals a lot of the LPN's and RN's do not have respect for cna's. How do I gain respect from RN's?
  4. ariannasmom

    Kidney Stones!

    Okay, this is a question about me, hope no one minds. I am going in a for a lithotripsy tomorrow but I'm just a little confused. I have had a burning pain in my back on the right side for 3 years. I had a CT scan done and they found small stones in both my kidneys. I have been reading threads about kidney stones and how people are in severe pain. I am in pain on and off all day but nothing to where I have to go to the ER. I would say my pain level is about a 7 at it's worst. I'm just wondering if this back pain is really from the kidney stones? I think I read that if they are still in the kidney you usually don't get any pain, just when you are passing them. So could I have some stuck somewhere that the CT didn't pick up? I'm just so scared that I will go through all this and still have the back pain because it's something else. I really can't take this pain. Sorry, I hope all that made sense. Also, for those of you who have had the lithotripsy, do you experience any pain afterwards? Did they have to put you under general anethestia to perform the procedure? At first the dr. told me local now they are doing genderal?? Thanks!!!
  5. ariannasmom


    Thanks for the information! Sounds like something I would really enjoy. I will have to look into it!
  6. ariannasmom


    Hi, I am new to the medical field and was wondering what CCT means? I am currently getting my CNA and then want to move on to RN. There are several openings in the hospital in my city for CCT's. How long is the training and what exactly do they do? Also, do they get pain more then CNA's? Thanks!!
  7. ariannasmom

    GCC Weekend Program

    Thanks for the information! Sounds like this would be the best choice for me since I have kids and don't want to put them in daycare.
  8. ariannasmom

    GCC Weekend Program

    How hard is it to get into the weekend program? Were you put on a waiting list before you got in, if so how long did you wait? I'm interested in applying once my prerequisites are done.
  9. ariannasmom

    Relocating..visiting in July. Buckeye??

    I agree Peoria is a nice town. You should also look at Surprise. It's a little newer and a great place to raise a family. Good luck!
  10. ariannasmom

    Waiting lists?

    I was wondering if anyone knows the wait time to get into Salt Lake Community College or Utah Career Colleges RN program?? Thanks!
  11. ariannasmom

    Need Help

    Okay, I am currently a resident of AZ but I want to go back to my home state and get my CNA which will only take me a week to complete and then come back to AZ and work here as a CNA. Well, according to AZ Board of Nursing in order to transfer the license from the other state I have to get my certification AND work an extra 80 hours. So I'm wondering if I could come back to AZ and work a week and then apply to get my AZ license. Sorry sounds confusing. MY QUESTION is: Do hospitals etc. in AZ hire CNA's with licenses in other states or do they require an AZ license? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
  12. ariannasmom


    Thank you! I will definately look into getting my CNA.
  13. ariannasmom

    Nursing Experience?

    Thank you! I didn't know that was possible. I will definately call around. Thanks again!
  14. ariannasmom

    Nursing Experience?

    I agree 6 weeks isn't a lot, but due to financial circumstances I need to start working and the ideal job right now would be in the medical field to gain experience. I actually already got my CNA but I let it expire and then moved to another state.
  15. ariannasmom


    Hi, I was just wondering what kind of license if any that you need to be a tech? What exactly does a tech do? If this helps I saw a job opening for a ER tech and it looked interesting. Thanks!!
  16. ariannasmom

    Nursing Experience?

    I want to go to school to get my RN. I do not have any work experience in the medical field. I want to start school asap but I also want to start working in the medical field to get some experience. I was thinking CNA but I really want to start working as soon as I can and the programs take 6 weeks. Are there any other medical jobs (preferably in a hospital) that I could get? What exactly is a tech? I saw a job opening for an ER Tech. Do you have to have any kind of license to be a tech? Thanks!!