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  1. Was so pretty amaze that lots of you help me about this topic. I have learned so much from you guys.many tnx to all who give suggestions about the topic I have posted. Tnx a lot to all. Peace.
  2. You got me.yep im from Philippines particularly in davao. Yah I am working in a long term facility. Gosh, I've learned so much from what you said.tnx in a million. Are you from Philippines too? Back to the subject, sometimes it's hard for us nurses to implement such activities for the reason of budget for the therapeutic program.
  3. hello.just want to share something. last week i allowed my residents to cook their own meal.it was fun and some say that was their first time to cook food and some i found out were pretty good in cooking.thank you so much for the person who shared this idea to me.i think the residents had a good time last week, i believe so..... also, it was an opportunity for me to interact with the residents.
  4. Currently, I am handling adult. Thanks so much for the post.im going to use those activities you suggest. Barbeque once a week. That would be nice and allowing the residents to draw their hallucinations. I have learned then. Will post next time once i have something in my mind or found something that is interesting...
  5. Currently, I am a psychiatric nurse and is looking for help where I can download or surf for different ideas of activities (art therapy, music therapy,craft therapy, recreation activities, games, etc) that are suitable for my patients who have mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar, substance abuse, etc. In the institution that I have work, the psychiatric nurse is the one responsible to make schedule of activities and to conduct activities daily for the residents/patients for the entire month. And, I am having a hard time making it due to little of activities that I know. Please.... Kindly help me and share some websites or notes that might help me. Thanks in advance.
  6. ritaPHIL

    how do you manage a patient who has delusions

    got your point and i did appreciate coz it really helps.tnx a lot.and of course, i do emphasize to the patient that i can guarantee his/her safety in the institution.
  7. ritaPHIL


    yes i agree with you.sometimes we give it 200mg at am, 200mg at noon, and 250mg at HS
  8. ritaPHIL

    Howo to help a person suffereing from OCD?

    usually with ocd we gave anxiolytic but with doctors order
  9. ritaPHIL

    bipolar pt. not manic on ad´s?

    sometimes if the patient becomes manic and on anti-dep the doctor tapered it gradually and we also give anti-psychotic and anxiolytic meds to make the patient calm.since the patient is on manic stage anti-dep could elevate the mood of the patient.so what we do is gradually decrease it or discontinue it.we seldom used litium and most of the drugs given is atypical one coz it is more effective and less EPS.but the meds are way so expensive.....
  10. ritaPHIL

    how do you manage a patient who has delusions

    as for me when i encounter with delusional patient.i assess if it is threatening to the patient but if it not then, i just let him/her talk about it and listen to it.i dont know it is right to do with that kind of patient but i would say it works the patient is not agitated or become restless.
  11. ritaPHIL

    how do you manage a patient who has delusions

    wow cool.ive learned so much on what you said.youve given me an idea then.thanks a lot
  12. ritaPHIL

    Thank you psych RNs!

    good to be appreciated then
  13. ritaPHIL

    Personality Disorder Test...how do you stack up?

    low in all.nice and no need to worry about my personality.would say my self is still intact.heheheh
  14. just wondering and would like to ask how you talk to a patient who has delusions.it says that you will not say that the delusions is not true or else the patient becomes agitated or be more persistent with the delusions he has.what i usually do is silent type of therapeutic communication.can anyone here share some ideas?would appreciate it.tnx
  15. ritaPHIL

    why is clonidine given to a substance abuse

    thank you for the info guys.did help it a lot.re:bumetrex i will check it again then.actually it is a brand name of ascorbic acid that is given to a patient who is substance abuse for detox. il see and check on to it again and post it again here for clarification
  16. ritaPHIL

    How often do you use Valium?

    we usually used diazepam as per orem coz it is fast acting.we only give im if the patient refuse to take po and in state of restlessness or agitation