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  1. AprilW3

    Company loyalty meaningless?

    Here's my situation: I had been a CNA at a LTC for 5 years, went back to school and became an LPN, working full time thru school. After I graduated, I had 3 job offers, 1 at the facility I've worked in for the past several years, and 2 at other facilities (offering $2 more per hour than I make with my current job). I accepted an LPN position in the facility I've been working in for so many years. I've worked evening shift all this time. My 4 year old daughter is about to start school and if I stay on evening shift, I'll never see her. A day shift position came open this week. I signed up for it as well as a coworker who has worked as a nurse at the facility for 2 years now. I found out that my company seniority means nothing. She will get the position because she's been a nurse at the facility for a year longer than me. I'm so bummed! Now I have to look for a new job, because day shift soooooo rarely opens up in this facility. It just doesn't seem fair to me that company loyalty means absolutely nothing. I've been there 3 times longer than she has. I feel like if it was a promotion, give it to the person with nursing experience, but this is just a shift change. Am I just being a selfish whineybutt?
  2. AprilW3

    Daughter Banned from Mom's Nursing Home After Taking Photos

    My hind end she "doesn't know why she did it". I work in LTC, call me cynical, but I've seen too many of these "concerned" family members. Seems like they put their parents in facilities and just wait for something to happen. It's like a lottery ticket to these people. If I had long-standing issues with any facility my mother was in, she wouldnt be there. I wouldn't be waiting for something to happen so I could call a lawyer and cash in.