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  1. Hello everyone! My family and I are looking to relocate from Maryland to Delaware within the next year. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on where to move to and what hospitals/LTC facilities to look at for a job. We really like the Lewes area and would like to be around there. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone! I recently took a staff educator position at a local nursing home. As soon as I came on board, I was made aware of education that they would like completed as soon as I was off orientation. These are subjects and topics that the facility has some issues with per the DON. Anyways, today I was told that I will be doing my first inservice to staff in 2 weeks (it will also be my official introduction as the educator for the facility). I was thinking of doing a PowerPoint to address these issues (i.e. falls/assessments/catheter care), but also wanted to try to give a handout of some type so I don't just feel like I am talking to the staff. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a successful first impression? This won't be my first time teaching......I am an adjunct faculty member at a local college. I just want to really wow my boss. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. nursejcarrie

    Looking for that clinical educator job

    Chris, I agree with you about not seeing the potential for career movement. I am definitely feeling that right now. I think it may be the ideal time to start looking for a job outside of the area. My husband and I have always talked about moving to the Delaware shore......maybe now is the ideal time to make it a reality!
  4. nursejcarrie

    Looking for that clinical educator job

    One of my goals for the new year is to become a Certified Nurse Educator. I think that there is something that happens when I interview for the positions. However, the last interview that I had in this facility, I felt it went VERY well, and I still didn't get the job. And when I applied for the last educator opening, they didn't even contact me for an interview.........
  5. nursejcarrie

    Looking for that clinical educator job

    Good morning everyone! I just needed somewhere to vent......I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have been unable to find a clinical educator job in the hospital. I completed my MSN with a concentration in Education in April of this year. There have been at least 2 open educator positions in my facility; I applied for both without success. I even had a meeting with a person in HR about what I was looking to do now in my career. This person took my interest and concerns back to the Director of Nursing Education; I was basically told that, while my enthusiasm for education is evident, I didn't have enough educational experience to be able to effectively perform the job. And then the organization hired someone from OUTSIDE our facility for the position. The kicker is that I am currently a part-time clinical instructor for one of the 4 year universities that are local to my area. I teach BSN students who are having their first experience in the hospital setting. I haven't been doing it this long, I just started this position in August of this year. It was mentioned that I need to keep teaching in this position to show that I am adequately prepared for the clinical educator position. WTH?!? The problem is: there is no requirement in the job description that states you have to have educational experience. Truth be told, I met ALL of the requirements for the position. Plus, I have been an employee of my facility for almost 10 years now. And I know for a fact that most of the educators have come from the floor, with NO education experience what-so-ever. There was even an educator that stated how much she didn't like nursing students, but yet she had been a clinical educator for multiple years. What am I doing wrong? What makes me so damn unhirable? I am starting to think that I need to give up on this dream but I am still not that ready to give it up. Any suggestions of what I can do to improve my chances of being hired, or making myself appear as the best candidate, would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. nursejcarrie

    Clinical Educator Interviews....No Success

    So it's funny, another Clinical Educator position became available in my hospital on August 1. I applied for it immediately. And once again, they hired someone else for the position, and this person is from outside of our organization. In the past, I have been told that I have been away from direct patient care for too long----I am currently an ER care manager. This time, I was told that I don't have enough education experience to perform the job well. Funny thing is, this isn't even a requirement for the position on the job listing. So to beef up my teaching experience, I started teaching at one of the 4 year universities around my area. Amazing how I can't be trusted to teach my peers as a clinical educator, but a university trusts me to teach skills and clinical experience for BSN students. Anyway, I was told be someone in HR that the director of clinical education is excited that I am committed to being an educator; however, I have to keep teaching to be able to prove myself as an educator. Many of the rest of the educators came directly from the inpatient floors, and did not have teaching experience for their new role. I have talked to a few of my supervisors, both at the school and within the hospital, and they think that I should make an effort to talk to the CNO about the opportunities I keep missing. I think one of the reasons that I am actually considering this is because I was told on my yearly evaluation this year that my education was a "distraction" for me within the last year. I just don't understand how I can be held to a different standard than anyone else, and how the things that I need to improve on to gain the position keep changing. Any thoughts?
  7. nursejcarrie

    Internal Applications

    Good evening everyone, I graduated with my MSN in Nursing Education in April of this year. A couple of months before graduation, I started applying for open clinical educator positions within the hospital where I currently work. As I have started to becomes more dissatisfied with my current position, I have also applied for other open positions, without success. There is currently a clinical educator position available, and I believe it is for the last unit that I worked on. It has been over a month since I applied for this position, and I have not heard anything about the status of this position. I find it quite odd that shortly after I applied for this position, I was contacted by an HR business partner who is new to my organization. Her email stated that she was reaching out to me because of my numerous internal applications, and she wanted to meet with me to discuss what I am looking for in a new position. Should I be worried about having to meet with this business partner? Is this why I haven't heard anything about the current position I applied for? I am so confused by all of this, and I don't meet with this person until this coming Tuesday. Any advice or insight would be great! Thanks in advance!
  8. I really need to vent and I'm not sure where else to go. I am 9 days (whew!) from finishing my MSN. My dream job is to be a clinical educator in a hospital setting. Over the last 9 months, I have had three clinical educator interviews (twice for the same position!) and have not gotten the job on any of them. I thought this last interview went EXTREMELY well, as I had done the clinical part of my MSN experience at this facility and my preceptor even interviewed me! I find out that a nurse who is going for her MSN (about 2 years out) and who doesn't have her BSN received the position over me. I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong in my interviews. The light I saw at the end of the tunnel is fading fast, and I feel like I am never going to get my dream job. I am getting really burned out in my current position; unfortunately, in the area that I am in, there are currently no education jobs to apply for. I don't understand it.........I apply for jobs on my organization's website and then a few weeks later, they disappear. I am NEVER notified that these positions were filled. I never get an interview and never get an email about the job! IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!!!! Sorry everyone, I just needed to vent.........is it too much to ask to find a clinical educator job??????
  9. nursejcarrie

    AGUS on a pap test

    hi all, i recently had my yearly physical done which included having the dreaded pap test done.....ugh! anyways, i got the call last week from my ob/gyn office that the results came back showing agus or the atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance. i am going to have a colposcopy done next wednesday but i just can't seem to stop thinking that this all means that there is something seriously wrong with me. i'm so scared. i know that i haven't taken the best care of myself when it comes to diet and exercise. i just recently started the process to have lap band surgery so i know i am going in the right direction when it comes to that. i guess what i am trying to ask is if anyone has had these results before and what exactly all this means. i keep looking up information on the internet but it all says the big "c" word that i don't want to think about right now. the pa at my gyn office said that she wasn't too worried about it because the cells weren't big on the specimen and i have no abnormal bleeding between or with my monthly cycles. does this result guarantee that somewhere down the line i am going to have cervical cancer? are there other reasons that my pap may have come back abnormal? my pap tests in the past have all come back okay. i just wish i could have the colposcopy done this week so i could clear my mind of things. please help!
  10. nursejcarrie

    Anyone starting Chamberlain online BSN in April?

    Good luck to all who are starting in April......perhaps I will be joining you. I talked to my admissions advisor, Dave, about 5 days ago and he is trying to rush my approval through so that I can start classes with the next schedule. He wants me to lock in my residency requirement so that I only have to take the 32 credit hours. I am excited, but anxious. I mean, I was 3 classes away from finishing my RN to BSN at Penn State but had trouble getting my clinical set up. I am anxious to see how many of credit hours transfer. I am hoping a lot will. So, to all of you who are starting....good luck and congrats. I hope to be joining you very soon, or sooner that I know it. Maybe I will "see" some of you around!!!
  11. nursejcarrie

    How often do you draw Troponins at your hospital?

    It depends on the doctor on how often they are drawn at our hospital (Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown MD)...... one cardiology group orders their cardiac enzymes q6h x 3 another cardiology group orders their cardiac enzymes q8h x 3 and the hospitalist group orders their cardiac enzymes q8h x 2 Generally, there are either drawn every 6 hours or every 8 hours.....I have never seen them drawn every 3 hours
  12. Hi there..... I recently had my evaluation at work. My goal for this coming year is to work on my CV nurse certification. This means that I am need of acquiring CEUs so I am eligible to sit for the test. Does anyone know of any websites where I can take CEUs without it costing me an arm and leg to get??? Thanks
  13. nursejcarrie

    Looking for RNs in Chambersburg!

    Hi there..... I worked at the Chambersburg Hospital when I graduated from nursing school 5 years ago. I had worked at Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown while I was in nursing school but decided to take a job in Chambersburg for multiple reasons. I actually ended up on the ortho floor, more affectionately known as "2 West". I worked night shift after I finished orientation. At the time of my orientation, they did not offer the 18 month orientation period. When I got off of orientation, the patient to nurse ratio was 8 to 1. This wasn't including if there were any LPN's on the floor, because I was then responsible for making sure their assessments were correct. I also needed to make sure that their epidurals and PCA's were dosing properly. I was lucky to start my shift at 1900 and not sit down to chart anything until 0300. I just didn't like taking that chance with my license. I worked hard for that thing you know?!? After a 2 year stint at another hospital, I am back at Washington County Hospital on the cardiovascular floor. I must say that the patient to nurse ratios are much better and continue to get better as we work towards moving to our new hospital in 2011. On my floor, there are usually 7 nurses working a night with a total patient load of 5-6. As for Chambersburg as a place to live. I live in Greencastle PA, which is about 10 miles south of Chambersburg. I am approximately 3 miles north of the Maryland/PA line. It is a great area to live in. The schools are great. It is a very small knit town. Just thought I would give you a heads up.......
  14. nursejcarrie

    Meckel's scan for kids???

    I have a 6 year old patient admitted with a possible GI bleed. The pediatrician ordered a MECKEL scan, which I had never heard of. That was at 930 pm. My printer just printed out special instructions for the Meckel scan which include taking 300 mg Cimetidine 24 hours prior to the exam. Has anyone ever heard of this scan and is the prep needed? HELP!!
  15. nursejcarrie

    What nursing field would you recommend?

    PEDS!!! I did the whole med surg thing which I enjoyed (I just didn't like the facility that I worked at!). I also did the orthopedic thing, which was mixed in with my med surg experience. But I went into nursing school pretty much knowing what I wanted to do when I graduated. My older son has cerebral palsy due to his biological father (or sperm donor!) shaking him when he was an infant. I spent a month in the PICU watching the nurses take care of him. I was amazed by the compassion and the caring they showed him. They treated him like he was someone's child, not just another patient they had to take care of. I realized that was something I wanted to do. And I knew that I wanted Peds as my specialty so I could give back to other children what those nurses gave to my child. That's how I arrived at what specialty I wanted to do. And all through nursing school, I was known as the "Future Peds RN" because my passion for pediatrics was that deep. Once you start nursing school, you'll have that moment of "zen." When everything clicks and you know what exactly you'll want to do. Don't try too hard to look for it because you may misss it. Let it come to you. Best of luck to you and I hope you have success in whatever specialty you choose! :uhoh21: