EEK! First inservice as a Staff Development Coordinator!

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Hi everyone!

I recently took a staff educator position at a local nursing home. As soon as I came on board, I was made aware of education that they would like completed as soon as I was off orientation. These are subjects and topics that the facility has some issues with per the DON.

Anyways, today I was told that I will be doing my first inservice to staff in 2 weeks (it will also be my official introduction as the educator for the facility). I was thinking of doing a PowerPoint to address these issues (i.e. falls/assessments/catheter care), but also wanted to try to give a handout of some type so I don't just feel like I am talking to the staff.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a successful first impression? This won't be my first time teaching......I am an adjunct faculty member at a local college. I just want to really wow my boss.

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!



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Your position will be one of wearing many hats. And it will not be one of optimal conditions. I hope you have some LTC experience as you will understand what I mean.

A MAJOR, BIGGIE, HUMONGOUS obstacle will be that of trying to get staff together for any presentations. It is NOTHING like an academic classroom full of students. You will be pulling staff from their already time-crunched tasks obligation. And they will most likely NOT be thrilled about it. Any presentation will have to be short, sweet and brief.

Suggestion - find out what will work. Maybe if you have a program that will fall half way over 7-3 and into 3-11. And then there is the 11-7 staff. I truly doubt they will come in.

Utilize shift supervisors as your assistants. Keep current with record keeping, esp for CNAs. Know what your mandatories are. Utilize other dept heads for presentations - there's prob something in their job descriptions that says they are responsible to provide instruction (the SW, Reg Dietician and PHARMACIST are great help). Also check out your last survey for clues to deficiencies - that may be your DON's priorities. When will be your next survey?? Will you be resp for other dept staff for some instruction?

Just some thoughts.

Of all that I ever did in LTC, I liked the SD responsibilities best. Even with all its problems.

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Bring food, people love getting food at inservices.

Tell some funny stories, people want to see you are "real".

Ask them for feedback, and what they want to learn about and how they would like it (handouts, pwr points, etc...).

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I hope you have some education in adult educational practices. Really use that to develop effective education. The most important thing is that the education is meaningful. Selling the "why" is sometimes essential. Just because the boss says so will NOT win the hearts and minds. If the boss wants something taught that is BS you need to say so (diplomatically) and defend your position. Be sure to research the steps of change theory to develop your plan. Too often education is pushed through in a ham-handed fashion that is not well received by staff. A lot of our educational needs come from the top down, but you can have some control over how it is delivered. Good luck.