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  1. blissfulee

    Who has kids?

    You are all right...they do grow up so fast, so quick and I really don't want to lose this time with them! And since they are still so young, it is really important for me to be there for them and they do really dependent on me still (my youngest is still breastfed)! I feel lucky in the sense that we are in a position where I'm able to stay home with them and I don't have to work. I don't know how moms who work full-time and have young children do it! It must be so rough for them to leave their children in daycare all day... I think what I'm gonna try to do is take as many of the classes that I can at night so my husband can watch them and they'll be sleeping most of the time too...see if I can take any of the classes online and if I have to..just take 1 or 2 day classes! I know my oldest loves going to daycare because he has friends to play with so that will be fine. Right now they does go to daycare 2 days a week and they both really look forward to going! Tina - I like the idea of making up games to help you study but also incorporated the kids! How clever! It really sounds like you had a good system down! Blessed061987 - where do you take your classes online??? My local college doesn't offer any online except English & Math classes. I do feel better knowing that I'm not the only mother trying to get her nursing degree. I just want this so bad that I'm losing patience! I'm also not getting any younger so that's another reason why I'm feeling so rushed...but what's most important are my babies and this time with them...Thanks for making me realize this and I know I do have the rest of my life to become a nurse..I just have to find the patience now!! KC
  2. blissfulee

    Who has kids?

    I'm currently working on my prenursing classes. I have 2 young children (1 & 3) and I've been taking 8 units per semester...it's been manageable and I'm able to maintain As but my husband thinks I should start going fulltime in the fall because at the rate I'm going now, it's going to take me YEARS to get my prereqs done. If I go full-time, I'll probably be taking 16 units per semester. Though I have to pay big bucks for childcare, the daycare they are in is really reliable, flexible and good with my kids so I know they will be fine there. My husband said we'd send them to daycare fulltime 5 days a week so I can have time to study when I don't have class.... I'm just not sure how hard it will be to juggle school full-time, homework, studying and spending enough time with the kids...anyone else doing it? I know it must be hard...but is it manageable? I've very dedicated to my studies and determined to become an RN so I'm willing to work hard for it...I just feel bad for my kids and leaving them in daycare for so long...my reasoning is that by going back to school full-time, the sooner I can become an RN and the sooner I become an RN, the sooner I can provide them with a better future....Am I making the right decision?? KC
  3. blissfulee

    Holy Names or Mills College?

    I'm considering continuing my prenursing classes at one of these colleges in order to have a better chance at getting into Samuel Merritt's Nursing program. Is one college better than the other? Which one is more reputable? Do you know where I can find out more information on these colleges besides their website? Thanks! KC
  4. blissfulee

    Holy Names/Samuel Meritt

    I'm looking at going this route myself. Holy Names is not a junior college but a very expensive private University, like someone else mentioned. And you are only guaranteed a spot in Samuel Merritt's Nursing program if you maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and get a minimum score on the Nursing Entrance Test. That's as much as I know right now!
  5. blissfulee

    Anything I can do now to prepare?

    You're absolutely right!! NOTHING can FULLY prepare me for what challenges and obstacles I will face if I become a nurse, except for personal experience! I know that being a nurse is hard work and stressful, which is why I'm sure the pay is high. But like any job, there are pros and cons. I make sure to talk to the OB nurses when I'm at the hospital with clients and they are pretty honest about their job...I've also have seen for myself just by watching them that it is a lot of work, it's tiring, and it's not as glamourous as one would think....but what I also see is their smiles and tears of joy after healthy babies are born...and there aren't many jobs out there which are that gratifying. But I also do know not every birth ends on a happy note...I know I'll see less than ideal births, complicated births, sick babies and mothers, even stillborns, and I know my critical thinking skills will be tested often. I know I'll have to deal with bossy, aggressive, violent and/or irate parents and families and I know the list goes on and on. I also know there are things I will deal with that I don't even know about yet and won't know about until I do the job for myself...but I'm also hoping that by lurking here, I will read about some of those things and learn how you all dealt with them... So, I am definetely aware that NOTHING will truly prepare me except for experience alone! But on that note, this is something that I've wanted to do for SO long, and I know that if I quit now just because I hear that being a nurse is one of the toughest job, I'd regret that decision for the rest of my life. All I'm really trying to do right now is get as familiar as I can with some of the medical terms, procedures and policies so that when I hit the floor, I'm not totally clueless! And I'm hoping to get a "glimpse" of what it's like to be an OB nurse! I feel that I've already learned some valuable information just by reading some threads on this site so I'm thankfully I found all of you!! :) Thanks again for all of your advice and I will definetely take what I can from it!!
  6. blissfulee

    How does the doctor determine to induce labor?

    I'm interested in hearing what others have to say on this... In my experience, it seems to be TOO easy for mothers to get their doctors to agree to an early induction. I know with my first, my OB offered to strip my membranes at 38 weeks "to get things going"...and at my 38 week app't with my 2nd, my doctor was already talking about admitting me to get induced just because I was 4cm dilated and she was apparently worried I wouldn't make it to the hospital if I went into labor. I of course refused it and when I went into labor at 40 weeks, I made it to the hospital with several hours to spare so I'm glad I didn't accept to get induced...but I keep wondering about those first time moms who are so eager to meet their babies and who are tired of being pregnant, I think most would jump at the chance to a planned induction... I personally believe that inducing a mother too early puts mother and baby at risk of complications...
  7. blissfulee

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    omg!! some of these names are too funny...what were these parents thinking?!? it seems to be real common nowadays to name your child something really outrageous..like look at those celebrities who name their kids pilot inspektor and audio science..that's just crazy in my opinion and i feel so bad for those children...having to grow up with names like that... i've come across some "unique" names myself in my short career as a doula...rainbow brite (yes, after the cartoon), a little boy named "dove" and one of my clients named her son sunny day...luckily for him it was a "sunny day" when he was born...if it would have been raining, she was going to call him "rainy day"...not sure what she would have named him if he was born at night..."dark night"..."starry night"?!? i wouldn't have been surprised....
  8. blissfulee

    Anything I can do now to prepare?

    congratulations!! how wonderful!! you really are one of the lucky few! i hope i'll be as lucky as you...please send your lucky dust my way!
  9. blissfulee

    Anything I can do now to prepare?

    You're absolutely right when you say these people (described above) are taking up slots that serious applicants could have been chosen for. {Edited to note that at my community college, the nursing program drop out rate is 30%...pretty high in my opinion.} But like SmilingBluEyes (sorry...I'm sure I'll find out your first name soon :) ) said most WILL be weeded out! My husband's cousin was one of those people who only wanted to become a nurse for the money...she got into the nursing program and dropped out half way through it because it was too tough for her and she just wasn't dedicated and didn't want to give up her weekend to study. That's one of the reason why I think that schools should only choose applicants by GPA and not by lottery... And thank you SOO much Mike for ideas of what I can do in the meantime to expand my knowledge! Great advice! :icon_hug:
  10. blissfulee

    Anything I can do now to prepare?

    Thank you for your replies! It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one in this position! I guess i forgot to put my age...I'll be 29 in a couple of months. Mike - The comm. colleges here sound a lot like yours...applicants are chosen by lottery...300+ apply and only 40 get in so the odds of getting chosen are slim...I'm considering going the private college route myself once I get all my RN preques..that's if I don't get into the LVN program first. I think it's more worth dishing out the extra money and getting my degree earlier versus waiting years to try to get in with the comm. colleges. The University here is another way I can try to go but again, there are a lot of applicants I have to compete with. But at least the University chooses applicants by GPA and you get extra points if you already work in the medical field, speak a foreign language, etc. I've managed to keep a 4.0 GPA and I speak a foreign language but I still don't know what my odds will be of getting in when the time comes. makaylasmommy - I hear you about having a hard time getting hospitals to give you a chance when you have no experience. It's the same thing around here, unless you have tons of experience working in a hospital, have a degree or know someone that works there, chances of getting in as a "regular" person is really tough...I would just keep trying if I were you! You might get lucky!! Good luck!
  11. blissfulee

    Anything I can do now to prepare?

    this is my very first post...i found this forum by chance when i was looking for nursing programs in my area and now i've become addicted to reading all the posts! i'm currently taking my prenursing classes and still have about a year of classes left to do before i can even apply to the rn program. i can however apply to the lvn program this summer but not sure if i should go that route. apparently it is easier to get into the rn program if i do the lvn program then transition to the lvn to rn program. any thoughts?? my goal is to eventually become an l&d nurse and maybe eventually a cnm...this has been my lifelong dream...i grew up reading such books as a child is born and spiritual midwivery, and i've always been fascinated by pregnancy, childbirth and babies! however, at this point, i feel like i'm never going to reach my goal...i calculated that i still have 5 years of schooling left to do before i can even call myself an rn and that's assuming i get into a nursing program right away (which i doubt)...so i'm just looking for things i can do in the meantime (besides working on my prereqs) to work on my goal of becoming an l&d rn. i'm already a certified doula, i've experienced childbirth twice (lol) and have read quite a few childbirthing books. i'm just such an impatient person and i just can't wait to be where you are all at! kc