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  1. Alone in the PACU

    You always have to have 2 RN's in a pacu unit, 1 can be a PACU RN and the other an RN. Our hospital would never leave a nurse by herself recovering a fresh post op patient, so many safety reasons.
  2. PACU recovering patients in the ICU?

    our ICU pt's that are intubated go directly to ICU. We do not send a PACU nurse there, we don't even have enough nurses for our unit let alone sending one to ICU to watch over and intubated pt that an ICU can do themselves. I agree though, they...
  3. Pre/PACU/post in ortho ASC

    I work in an inpatient hospital in pacu and we are all required to do prep as well, a majority of our patient population is day surgery and ortho that we discharge home. I can tell you the flow for that is a very fast pace, usually quick surgeries so...
  4. spinal anesthesia discharge criteria

    Our PT's have be at T-10 or below to transfer out of PACU, if they come into PACU at T-10 level then we have to show that the spinal is moving down so have to wait to discharge until it goes to T-9. Movement is not a requirement. We have gone to no ...
  5. Spinal Anesthesia: Foley vs No Foley

    Our CRNA's have changed their spinal techniques to use only bupivicaine without the Fentanyl added to make the spinal wear off quicker. They also limit fluids during surgery, 500 mls or less. When BP is an issue they use phenylephrine. None of our jo...
  6. Research assistant job

    I have been a PACU nurse for 9 yrs now and need a change. There is a research assistant position open that I applied for. One of the questions are the requirements for the position asks how many years experience do I have in research nursing. I had t...
  7. Working Out and Working?

    I do HIIT (high intensity interval training) during either my lunch hour or before work and it only takes 30 min or less. There are many different exercises I do that are quick and gets my heart rate up in a short period of time. I'll do squats ,plan...
  8. June 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    "Don't worry, we all did the in-service and I think I got it this time!" "I could pre-medicate you first if you want?" "Yes!! I think I want to do that first!"
  9. June 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    From patient's perspective: "I don't think my consent covers this?"
  10. What States Pay the Highest and Lowest Nursing Salaries

    Hi Lavernh, I was 41 when I graduated and received my RN-ADN degree. I went from being a lab tech to an MA, to a pharmacy technician to nursing. I love being an RN now and I am currently working on my BSN and I am 50. I found that being an older nurs...
  11. What States Pay the Highest and Lowest Nursing Salaries

    Glad to see Oregon on the top. I love living and working in Oregon and northwest in general but want to travel in a few years after I finish my BSN. Oregon does have a high cost of living though and rent and mortgage's here is increasing rapidly.
  12. Want out of nursing

    Hi Shoelacy, I feel your frustration. If it were me I would stick with it and finish your RN transition just because there are many more options for RN's than there are with LPN's. I agree with others though that you could find a job in another depar...
  13. You make an excellent point! I would love to see the numbers of this study isolated to show years of service while being ADN to the results of mortality. Another bit of info I would like to see in this study of showing decreased mortality with increa...
  14. Question About Taking 3 Pre-Req's Online

    Try Colorado Technical University (CTU). I know I was thinking of applying there for statistics and I believe they have a nutrition course and psychology course as well. I am taking the ENG 103 with them as a preq for RN-BSN and they are very nice to...
  15. Certification in pacu

    I used PeriAnesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach. 6th Ed. Elsevier Saunders, 2013 by Cecil Drain. This is a newer edition, I actually used an older addition, but it gives all the info you need to pass the exam. Good luck with your exam.