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I have been a PACU nurse for 9 yrs now and need a change. There is a research assistant position open that I applied for. One of the questions are the requirements for the position asks how many years experience do I have in research nursing. I had to say none since I have never done any research nursing, I am afraid that will not get me an interview. Do I have a chance at this position? I would think I would qualilfy for an assistant position.

Thanks for any info.

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I can't speak for everyone who has been hired in research nursing but I know that when I was hired as a research nurse coordinator they specifically were comfortable with someone who had no research background. I still think there would be a chance for you, especially if the area of research is focused on the age range of people you cared for inpatient and that you are comfortable with basic nursing skills like IV's and blood draws.

In my interview I specifically noted why I was interested in research. I didn't make it a point to hide that I didn't have the background but reasons why I thought that research was the direction for me and why I felt I would be suited for it. Play up anything such as detail oriented, organized or comfortable talking/educating people since that relates to volunteer recruitment. If you can write a cover letter I would do that as well.