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  1. hi im a danish nurse working at a adulte pscyhiatry unit. i would like to ask you, US nurses or nurses working in the US, whether you have a so called morning gathering with the patients, where one can meet new patients and/or staff, make structure for patients, inform them about what is going to happend during the day and so on. how do you implement this? do the patients must take part or it is up to each patient to decide? if they dont want to participate voluntary, how do you make them to change their minds? here in Denmark, or at least at my unit, morning gathering is considered a part of the nursing treatment and patients must/should participate, however sometimes is difficult... any thoughts? thank you.
  2. hi can someone provide a list of uk hospitals( preferrable private hospitals) willing to recruit overseas nurses?
  3. hello do you know any universities who offer post registration courses for conversion from RGN to RMN? thx
  4. parabone

    Help! Information Please

    if you get the yellow card and work one full year in UK, then you can apply for blue card which allows you to work in any fields and with no restrictions in uk
  5. parabone

    period of adaptation ireland

    hello i'm a RGN from Romania. recenlty i received the decision letter from An Bord Altranais stating that i must undergo a period of adaptation and assessment. if you know an agency or hospital willing to secure a clinical placement, please tell me. thx
  6. parabone

    Nursing in Ireland

    hi i applied for registration with An Bord Altranais.unfortunately i must undertake a period of adaptation and assessment. if you could help me find a hospital or agency who will provide a clinical placement, please feel free to contact me cheers
  7. HI THERE. theres anybody who attend the competency assessmtn program in NT? if so,please gine more informations about this particular matter.
  8. parabone

    International nursing students in the US

    hi there...my name is daniel..i'm a male nurse from Romania...i found something interesting while surfing the web....http://www.foreignnurseseducation.com..this is the site that caught my attention...this organisation says that they are specialised in recruiting,preparing and placing foreign nurses for US...after paying a $50 admission fee into their programme..they will help u with immigration visa,CGFNS,NCLEX...even the preparation courses(4-8 months)are paid by them...i need some advice here..there is anybody who knows them?..is this a serious thing or a swindle?