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  1. I have recently been accused of domestic assault of my 17yr Old son. The charges are coming from my rebellious teenager who was caught skipping school by me and although I threatened him, I did not BEAT him as he told a friend's parent. The friend's parent called the police and I now have to go to court for domestic assault on a minor. I haven't spoken to a lawyer yet, (I have an appt in 3 days) but I have had several people tell me that since I have no criminal record, 4 children and never been accused of abuse by my other 3 children who are well behaved honor roll students that if I plead guilty they'll have me go to parenting classes and I won't risk any jail time, and possibly have the case dismissed after I have completed what the court has mandated of me. I have reservations about going that route because I know I didn't beat my son. My other reservation is that I am unsure if in the state of Virginia my license would be taken away from me if I were to plead guilty. This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. If my RN license is in Jeopardy that's worth the risk of a trial. I have looked all over the internet but I can not find anything that could give me a definitive answer. I've looked on the board of nursing site and have found nothing to tell me if I'd lose my license if found guilty. PLEASE if you have any advise or information on the nursing laws I would greatly appreciate it whole heartedly. Thank You!
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    Lpn starting from scratch in RN program

    1idolwife How did you do on your Exam? Have you found a good study group yet?
  3. I just received my acceptance letter yesterday (July 8th). It really was torture waiting for that letter and wondering if I should contact them or not. Congratulations to both of you for making it into the program. Finally we can move on from those never ending prereqs and actually get started on our degree :) I am in Cohort 2. Best of Luck!