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  1. NursinOrBust

    Students ahead of the game!

    Thanks for the replies. There were a lot of things said here today that I really needed to hear and I appreciate it.
  2. NursinOrBust

    Students ahead of the game!

  3. NursinOrBust

    Students ahead of the game!

    Sad but true, but snitching is of no interest to me unless it involved definite harm to the patient. Guess I just needed to hear or be reminded that stuff like this does happen. Thanks for the wake up calls and I will keep my own head focused on the goal.
  4. NursinOrBust

    Students ahead of the game!

    I am not sure how to approach this situation, but I feel I need to get it off my chest and request some advice. I am not one to lose sleep, but stuff like this gets me thinking. I am a first semester student and my CI seems to have a couple of favorites. I have just recently gotten tired of biting my tongue. I am fine with the fact that my CI finds these certain student more advanced in their knowledge and skill, but my biggest concern is that our CI is allowing them to do procedures that we have not even covered at all. In fact, these are procedures that we will be learning in our second semester. We are only suppose to pass oral medications w/ supervision and most of the time the CI is never to be found to do so. Second, we can observe but we have not been instructed on flushing/pushing ANYTHING through an IV and/or PICC line. The reason why I am so concerned is that one of the students did push dilantin with the CI through a Picc line. At our meeting however, that same student admitted to not having done an injection or even a gluco check since the semester started 3 mos ago. Ummk! I do not feel that we have been taught and observed effectively being first semester students, and we should be on the same page by performing what is covered in class. It has been very frustrating and I have been afraid to speak up. Is this something I should just slough off? Please share any thoughts and stories.
  5. NursinOrBust

    first day of CSN first Sem. Students

    First week was a complete blur for me. I am still trying to get organized as to what is due and when plus stuff that needs to get done in the computer lab. I am a bit bummed that we don't take pathophysiology before taking pharmacology. Everyone says it is better to learn it in that order. Now I am realizing that none of the semesters have a patho class required for this program. How is it that we will be nurses if we cannot fully understand and explain the diseases of which we will be working with. Ok, I am rambling. :uhoh21: Sorry. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. NursinOrBust

    Online Pharmacology Course?

    Hi everyone, :flowersfo I was wondering if anyone here has taken the pharmacology course online in their first semester? It will be my second time at taking an online course with the first being psychology (got an A). I am now thinking maybe taking it online is not such a good idea. Let me know what you all think...:icon_hug: Thanks!!!
  7. NursinOrBust

    Are there any 2nd semester nursing students from CCSN here?

    Is it normal to be sick to your stomach, :barf01: incredibly irritable, & suffer from CRS...:uhoh21: a whole month before classes start. Or is this from all the vaccines I have had to have done in the last week. Or maybe I am completely losing my mind. UGH!
  8. Hi, has anyone here taking or have already taken Nurse 285 Nursing Toolbox at CSN. It is not required, but suppose to cover selected topics of nursing. I am just curious about what exactly is covered in this class.
  9. NursinOrBust

    Are there any 2nd semester nursing students from CCSN here?

    I've also been accepted for Fall at CSN. Any feedback would be great! Very worried and not sure what to expect. It all seems a bit confusing right now, and know it will all come into perspective.
  10. NursinOrBust

    failed clincials...done for the semester (long post)

    You are still a student and being put on the spot like that is sooooo :chair: frustrating. Sounds like you handled it well. Talk to an advisor at school, seek out your options, and don't give up. Days like these can only make us stronger. :icon_hug: BL
  11. NursinOrBust

    How long did it take to finish all pre-reqs?

    It was about three years for me as well at an average of three classes a semester and taking one summer off. Stay away from those tricky non-transferrable classes. BL :doh:
  12. NursinOrBust

    College Nursing Programs without wait list?

    Thank you all for your input!
  13. is anyone familar with transferring straight into a nursing program from one community college directly into another in a different state. i met someone last semester who mentioned she had already started the program in her home state when her husband's job required them to move elsewhere. she was able to transfer straight into the program where they moved and was considered a higher priority applicant. although, she still had to take the current college requirements (which they all seem to have...:selfbonk: ) she got in before those who have been waiting to get accepted and who are current residents. anybody else hear of this type of situation? :innerconf
  14. NursinOrBust

    Do I Need A PDA For Nursing School?

    I bought the Tungsten E2 and love it. It is also offered with the portable keyboard package in case I want to type notes. The software comes with a tutorial and overall it is very easy to use. I was just introduced to the Epocrates software from a recent nursing grad who uses it all of the time on the job. Here is the link and you can download the Rx program for free to see if you like it. http://www.epocrates.com/ Hope this helps!
  15. NursinOrBust

    College Nursing Programs without wait list?

    i live in las vegas now, and have applied to the fall program at ccsn. the amount of applicants is way over 200 and as far as i know only 120 seats available. if money was not such an issue i would consider nsc or unlv. just found out about touro today. how far is that from lv?
  16. hi all, i am new on this site and would like some fellow student advice. i am curious to know if there are any states out there that do not have an insanely long wait list for the nursing (rn) program for an a.s. degree. as far as i know nevada and washington use a point system, which might be quicker to get into. i am willing to move where there is a program that i can get into, since i have finished all of my pre/co-req's and do not want to sit on a wait list for two more years. what are some of your experiences getting in and any advice would really help. thanks a ton!