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  1. Hi, i just want to ask my fellow nurses if there is a possibility that a VISA SCREEN be renewed at a later date for example if it expire on 2010 is there a possibility that it can be renewed on 2013 or when my priority date is near? i just want to know for me to save a lot cause due to back log there's a possibility that when I renew it, it will expire again please help me with this question cause I can't see an answer on this topic at cgfns website, you're help will be much appreciated. thanks:confused:
  2. dcmRN

    requirements for visa screen renewal

    since I have to take English exam again, Is there a possibility that I can renew it when my priority date is near? Can I let it expire and then renew it when I needed it? what hassles will it make if I come up with that decision? Pls. Help.:confused:
  3. Hi, I'm back, I have a question regarding visa screen renewal, my visa screen will expire on January 2012, please tell me when do I need to renew it and what are the requirements needed to renew my visa screen do I need to take the English exam again in order to renew my visa screen?Is there a possibility that I don't have to take English exam again cause honestly it's too expensive on my part.