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  1. MK6babies

    Would this work??

    Would this plan work in order to become an RN? I am a high school senior. After graduating high school, I would go to my local community college for 2 years to take pre-reqs. Then I would want to go to nursing school. Would they accept me if I get good gpa in community college? thanks ahead of time!
  2. My high school guidance counselor told me that she thinks I should take 2 years of regular community college for basic stuff like english and math. Then, it will be a 4 year wait to get into nursing school. Then you are in nursing school for 2 years to finally become an RN. Is this true? If not, can you please give me a path I could follow in order to become a nurse. Or you can tell me how you became an RN. I am a high school senior by the way. THANKS!!!
  3. MK6babies

    should i just give up?

    i am a 17 year old junior in high school. my dream is to become a nurse, but now i think that will be impossible for me. i do horrible in school. i am failing algebra 2, chemistry, and french. no college will accept me with horrible grades like that. Should i just give up on being a nurse?
  4. I am a junior in high school and I want to be a nurse. But I get pretty horrible grades. Math and science are extremly hard for me in school. Right now I am in Algebra and Chemistry and I have a D in both classes. I have a very hard time understaning both of these subjects, but that is what you need for nursing school. Will I even make it? Or will I even be accepted into any kind of nursing school considering my grades? I don't even know if I can get accepted anywhere?! Please help! Thanks, Tessa
  5. Have you ever had a case where the mom actually didn't want the dad in the delivery room b/c of various reasons(aggravation,etc) Whats your opinion? I think I would find it annoying that the man who MADE me pregnant was right there in my face while I am in complete and total pain!!
  6. MK6babies

    wait what is ob-gyn nursing?

    hey sorry if this is the dumbest question ever but I would just really like to know what ob-gyn nursing is?
  7. MK6babies

    NICU job offers...which one?!?!

    first one definatley. the pay is better, it is closer, and the hospital its better.
  8. MK6babies

    How busy is your NICU??

    hey NICU nurses!! I am not a nurse. I am only in high school. But I am really interested in NICU nursing. However, I was wondering how busy it is in the NICU's at the hospital? Are you usually really busy like all day? And also, how many babies does one NICU nurse usually keep track of? And is the NICU ever full, maybe from a lot of deliveries all at once? Sorry for all the questions, but I guess basically what I am trying to ask is how busy is the NICU during the day? Thanks, and any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  9. ok now listen closley girls. This is ver important. Right now you should listen to what your heart tells you. Your heart will go on here and far. Nursing should be a pleasant activity and it should asways be treasured and cherished. So seriously now folks, you need to go outside and sing with the birds. Sing as loud as you can and don't stop until you feel satisfied with your life. Hip Hop Harry helped me and I know it can help you too. Now I may be old, but I know the smarts when I see them. And even if you don't wish to share the smarts, then you musn't be shy. Just take your risk and you will do the best that you can be. It is always going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.
  10. hey I'm here! don't worry guys, I won't leave you. I am a nursing student. Your right Taigee, many nurses don't know about this site. So it is time for us nurses to spread the word and believe that we are the future. We can do this and if we all put our minds and hands together, we will win the world and always be willingly to help others in there time of need. So let me all here you say "I will believe, and I am strong" Say it louder, louder! And rejoice and raise your hands in the air. So just go outside and watch the nature go by and listen to the birds sing. You can sing along with them if you want. Just let yourself be free and say to yourself, "I love to learn, I am a nurse." I know of a show called Hip Hop Harry and they sing this song that goes, I love to learn. Ithink it reflects on nurses and I believce that this is their chance to call out and rejoice and say "I am a nurse!" So don't forget that you too are an important memeberof the world, and you won't get anywhere in this worldif you are too shy. If you are too shy to write in this forum, you can personally email me at pinkbuzz90@aol.com and don't hesitate. If you feel lost in life and need a mentor to be a nurse, then email me and I will be happy to talk. So remember, you must believe that you can do this and we need more NICU nurses! And remember that it is okay to make mistakes,even in a career choice, but you should really be a nurse. Don't be a negative person, be a positive because if we have more positives in this world, we will live healthier lives. Just don't give up, okay?
  11. MK6babies

    Just click this and see what happens

    I don't undersatnd why mandycal wrote "......Just be happy......." Does this make sense to anyone else? Or am I going crazy!
  12. MK6babies

    Just click this and see what happens

    huh? am i missing something here?
  13. MK6babies

    Interview in the NICU

    silly silly! lol
  14. MK6babies

    NICU interview - Could use some good luck vibes

    GOOD LUCK VIBES COMING YOUR WAY!!!! GinyerH- Congrats on your interview. I am sure you did great and I hope you land the job. Don't forget, there are planty of oppertunities in the world of nursing!
  15. MK6babies

    What does admit mean?

    Wow. I didn't think that my question would cause this much contreversy!! Yikes! Well, even though she posted something negative about nursing, that doesn't change my dreams. I still definatly want to be a nurse. Especially in the NICU. I will not let anyone change my mind. Thank you to all the posters that supported me!