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  1. Coopman712, I am rowing the same boat you are.  Going back at 48.  I am a bit nervous, but you have given me hope!!  I am going to apply and get going.

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    2. coopman712


      I just realized I never answered!  I finished the program in 2 billing cycles


    3. Amicrazy


      Would you recommend Capella to others?

    4. coopman712


      I definitely would.  It is very manageable.  I personally didn't see myself finishing it in one billing cycle but many do.


  2. Starting Capella for BSN....

    I started 9/14 and am hoping to finish in March. For me the paper writing is not that easy. I have been out of school a loooonnnngggg time. It takes me a long time to so the research for the papers. If I can get 2 done a week it is a lot for me. ...
  3. Starting Capella for BSN....

    Wow-that’s awesome! im in my second class. The research slows me down so much but I’m OK with the paper writing I itself. I am not meeting my goals so far as time but I am still going to try to step it up.
  4. Capella Flexpath RN to BSN 2020

    Thank you! I use Google chrome/ docs. I think they have an extension as well for APA but perhaps I should also get Microsoft Word.
  5. Capella Flexpath RN to BSN 2020

    I appreciate reading the different experiences. Two questions... for an older student who has been out of school for awhile: 1, Any recommendations to best acclimate myself to APA format? 2. What did/ do you use to record videos? T...
  6. Starting Capella for BSN....

    I will be starting Capella Flexpath to complete my BSN on 9/14. I have to be honest at 48 years old I am a little nervous to go back to school. I finished nursing school 10 years ago. (I have previous degrees from my first career). So it's been aw...
  7. Recommendations for Online RN to BSN Programs

    Thank you for your input! Right now I have it between Chamberlain, Capella and William Patterson University. I think it is basically going to come down to who gives me the most credit for my previous education. ? Just waiting to hear...
  8. What did you do with your old nursing school textbooks?

    I guess the consensus has me thinking I will pinch them. I don't know anyone around here who would want them for donations. I might keep one or 2, just as memoirs and soon to be relics!
  9. What did you do with your old nursing school textbooks?

    Thank you! The sentimental pack rat in me is having a hard time purging! ?
  10. After almost 10 years, I am finally going back for my BSN. I still kept many of the nursing textbooks that were core books in my RN program. Of course now they are incredibly outdated! My question is-what have you done with your textbooks.? While ...
  11. Recommendations for Online RN to BSN Programs

    Thank you for the response! So it sounds like you have been able to do one class per week? That's incredible. Yes basically I am trying to figure out how I will manage best. Their prepay option doesn't seem all that great if you move too slow and...
  12. I'm looking for some input on online RN to BSN programs you may have experience with. I am currently looking to go back for my BSN but need to do it online. I have looked into Chamberlain, Capella, WGU, Aspen and am still searching. There just seem...
  13. Best site for CEUs?

    Just looking for some recommendations on completing required CEUs. Sadly neither of my jobs provided me with any opportunities to earn credit in the past 2 years so I need to do them all on my own. I have to complete 30. Some sites seem way more e...
  14. How do I list credentials?

    I don't typically list all of my credentials but this job is in a academic setting as an RN so I thought to utilize my others. Thanks!
  15. How do I list credentials?

    Thanks! I actually did check there first. Still kind of unclear about what sounds better: RN, MSEd, BA or MSEd, BA, RN or some other configuation? Highest level of education usually first but RN is currently my highest nursing credential.