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  1. coopman712

    Recommendations for Online RN to BSN Programs

    Thank you for your input! Right now I have it between Chamberlain, Capella and William Patterson University. I think it is basically going to come down to who gives me the most credit for my previous education. 😉 Just waiting to hear...
  2. Thank you! The sentimental pack rat in me is having a hard time purging! 😬
  3. After almost 10 years, I am finally going back for my BSN. I still kept many of the nursing textbooks that were core books in my RN program. Of course now they are incredibly outdated! My question is-what have you done with your textbooks.? While I have referenced them from time to time, I am sure they are too outdated to use as resources for a current BSN program.
  4. coopman712

    Recommendations for Online RN to BSN Programs

    Thank you for the response! So it sounds like you have been able to do one class per week? That's incredible. Yes basically I am trying to figure out how I will manage best. Their prepay option doesn't seem all that great if you move too slow and that is what I'm afraid of. And as for tuition reimbursement, I was wondering if their "translation" would be clear enough for my employer so thanks for sharing. I have narrowed it down to Capella, Chamberlain and William Patterson at this point. I am waiting to see what credits of mine they will accept from my previous bachelor's degree. Hoping to only have to complete core nursing courses. Thank you again and best of luck
  5. I'm looking for some input on online RN to BSN programs you may have experience with. I am currently looking to go back for my BSN but need to do it online. I have looked into Chamberlain, Capella, WGU, Aspen and am still searching. There just seem to be so many choices and variations and I want to pick the option best for me. It may seem like I am asking a lot but here are some of my necessary criteria is: Affordability-I am looking for a very affordable route. Manageability- a program I can handle realistically while working but also finish in a reasonable amount of time. ( I know that is a lot to ask!) Accreditation- Traditional Grading- In order to apply for any tuition reimbursement I would need to earn letter grades. Thank you for any advice or suggestions of schools to look into!
  6. coopman712

    How do I list credentials?

    I don't typically list all of my credentials but this job is in a academic setting as an RN so I thought to utilize my others. Thanks!
  7. coopman712

    How do I list credentials?

    Thanks! I actually did check there first. Still kind of unclear about what sounds better: RN, MSEd, BA or MSEd, BA, RN or some other configuation? Highest level of education usually first but RN is currently my highest nursing credential.
  8. coopman712

    How do I list credentials?

    I have a question in regards to how to list credentials. I am a second career nurse. I work in a hospital per diem but also in a school district as a nurse. My credentials include: RN, BA, MSEd. How do I list these when signing my name? It is more a question for the school setting than hospital since that is where I use the signature more often. Thanks!
  9. coopman712

    BA with RN license and yrs of experience - BSN or MSN?

    I am in a similar position as you. I thought you needed a BSN to pursue the MSN... I have a BA in Psych and an MS Ed. I wish I could find a "guidance counselor" in nursing to help me figure out the best route! Lol
  10. coopman712

    Help once again finding a RN-BSN or MSN program

    I still need to get the BSN first... I guess my hang up is that I am going to feel too much pressure if I can't do the courses that quickly. Working 2 jobs and being a mom has me nervous that I won't be able to keep up with that consistent pace.
  11. coopman712

    Help once again finding a RN-BSN or MSN program

    CSN is certified school nurse. I don't think I can handle that many credits and working at once. I will be going slower so the program seems too intense. Perhaps I will re-investigate but when I did previously it didn't seem like the best fit.
  12. Hi-I feel like I have asked this question a few times and am still trying to find the best fit for me... I am a second career RN. I have an RN, BA in Psychology and MSEd. I have been working as a nurse for about 3 years now but need to start thinking about a return to school. Ultimately I think I am going to get a CSN but realize that having the BSN is probably what I need to do first or I may never do it. I have found CSN programs that would take my previous degrees in lieu of the BSN. Down the line I would also like to branch out into nurse education so again feel like I should have that advanced nursing degree. I am looking for advice on programs. I am looking for an online program that isn't too costly and that may not require too many credits. (I know I am asking for a lot!) I have looked at WGU and am fearful that there hefty tuition costs would not be beneficial to me in that I am not sure how many classes I could complete in a semester and that is a draw to some for their program. Any other programs you recommend?
  13. coopman712

    Application process

    Thank you! I am hoping to get it started. The whole transcript process is going to be a task for sure since I have previous degrees prior to earning my nursing degree...
  14. coopman712

    Application process

    I am looking into either the RN-BSN or RN-MSN programs. The application includes that *readiness* portion. Does anyone know how long that will take to complete? I want to apply but want to carve out enough time to complete the application. I am interested see what they will accept as far as my previous degrees and interested to see what the difference in earning each degree would be.
  15. coopman712

    MSN in Education or MS Ed?

    Thanks-I keep going back and forth with the BSN vs MSN. With now 3 degrees under my belt, it is so hard to motivate going back to school....
  16. coopman712

    BSN or MSN

    Thanks! I am definitely not interested in becoming a DNP at this point. 3 degrees and in my 40's, I am not that motivated sadly....

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