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  1. Ranch dressing in a breast milk container

    These are great! I love the blue scrub towels. They are my best cleaning rags. I also love the specimen cups that come in the straight cath kits (we do a lot of straight caths in L&D). My 6 year old stores her 1,000,000 beads in them! And I keep ...
  2. PKU test help

    I hate doing PKU's. I've been bargaining and doing another nurses hearing screen if she'll do my PKU. í ½í¸‚
  3. Cook cervical balloon

    Also, our providers place them by feel, usually.
  4. Cook cervical balloon

    Our foley bulb protocol and Cook cervical catheter protocols are identical, with the exception of how much NS to insert and there is no need to tug on the Cook.
  5. Pregnant L&D RN

    Yes, we often text our own providers before coming in SROM'd, just so they are aware they will have to come in later.
  6. Pregnant L&D RN

    I think you would get those questions if you worked anywhere- as a nurse or not. I am having a hard time relating to your post bc the two hospitals I work at- my coworkers are truly like family.
  7. Switching from LDRP to Labor and Delivery

    I work in a labor and delivery unit. We also have antepartum. Our hospital is pretty great about sticking to AWOHN standards and usually labors are all 1:1. Maybe 1 labor and 1 ante. Or 1 labor and 1 triage... but if the triage stays she goes to som...
  8. So excited!! After 5 years away from the bedside...

    Welcome back!
  9. Cervical Ripening

    Really? I work at two different hospitals and both do 39 week inductions on the regular. There has has been talk that Medicaid is going to stop paying for elective inductions but I have no idea if that is true or not. i am wondering where you all ar...
  10. Freeman - Joplin, Missouri

    At Freeman new grads (I don't remember if you said you were a new grad or not) start out at $17.45/hr. The night diff is $3.59. I believe it is pretty much the same for St. John's, but StJ might also have a weekend option availible. Both hospitals...
  11. Please jelp with "new mom" class

    Okay, sorry I may have misunderstood. I thought you were talking about the "breastfeeding diaper bags" sent by the formula companies.
  12. Please jelp with "new mom" class

    "One often-overlooked resource are formula companies and the like. Yes, often people are not happy with these, and baby-friendly hospitals do not accept materials from them. But if yours does, I know the major companies provide some excellent breastf...
  13. How Much Do You Make As a Flight Nurse?

    It's what I want to do anyway (eventually) but just curious if anyone knows of a good resource where I could find this information.
  14. Best/Hardest/Worst nusring class?

    Uh, oh. Pharm is in the first semester of Nursing School for me...And Adult Health! Both of those are listed above!! Ahhhh!!! :)
  15. Welcome to the Missouri State Forum!

    I'm in Joplin- aren't there any others from Joplin? I start Nursing School at MO Southern in ready for it to be here already. I think I might not even enjoy summer (which never happens), I'll just want it to end so I can start school aga...

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