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  1. Hi Nurse Beth!!  Just like many others on allnurses.com, I need some guidance/advice.  In December of 2014, I finished my last 3 courses at a BSN program.  In order to fully complete the program, it is required to pass an exit exam.  After several attempts, I was still unsuccessful.  The last exam I took, I scored a 72.56%.  The school required a 74% to pass.  At that time, I was required to re-enroll for the two senior semesters of the program.  Due to financial reasons, I was not able to do this.  I finally saved enough money and enrolled in the first senior semester (two Med Surg Courses) August of 2017.  That semester I applied myself more than ever in the past.  It was hard due to the time that had lapsed since I had been in school.  Unfortunately, I failed both either courses and was dismissed from the program.  Now I am stuck with $65,000 plus in student loan debt with nothing to show.  I’ve been a medic in the Army national Guard for 19 years with two overseas tours under my belt.  It’s not that I didn’t know the material, I’m not a good standardized test taker.  I am great with hands-on skills.  It all is just so depressing, and I feel hopeless.  Any guidance/advice would be wonderful.  I just don’t know what to do.  Thank you in advance!!