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  1. Hi Nurse Beth! I Need some advice. Ive been a medsurg RN for 12years now. And I want some fresh start we’re moving to california from florida because of my hubby’s work, so I plan to apply for a job in ca. My question is how do I transition from med surg Rn to ED RN? I would like to be an emergency nurse but all I see in job searches requires experience. Any insights?

    thank you!


    1. Hoosier_RN

      Hoosier_RN, MSN

      If you don’t have a license already, get started on that as CA is notorious for not being speedy on issuing licenses. Once in hand, apply, apply, apply! Depending on where you’re moving to, some markets are flooded, even for experienced nurses! Good luck, I hope it all works out for you!